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Re: Is making a claim through the small Claims Court the only way to get O2's attention?

Joining in

Thanks for your reply but I have tried that complaints process for a month through O2 and received no support.  Virgin Media is the parent company.  I am trying to find someone who can actually discuss the matter and not be passed around departments who seemingly don't care.

All I need was one person to communicate appropriately, understand the issues, and have the authority to come to some agreement.

Going through the Small Claims Court is something that big companies do not want because they avoid a finding of fault.  Having a County Court judgement against them is bad for business.

I will follow this route and let others know how to achieve some control.

Are you a Virgin Media employee, because you don't appear to have read the statement above which shows ALL the actions I have taken.  You direct me to all the links on the Virgin Media and O2 sites.  Have you tried to get anyone to listen via those avenues?


Joining in

I began a new contract with O2 on 30th August 2023.  I list below an issue I have repeatedly raised in various forms with both the telephone enquiries, the staff at the O2 shop in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, and via online communication.

It was apparent fairly soon after I started with O2, that I could not receive incoming telephone calls or texts. As a consequence, I was unable to set up various applications because I was unable to receive text details of pin codes.  I was also unable to maintain appropriate business contacts.  I visited the local O2 shop on 6th September and staff indicated that they would forward the matter on.  They did not do so.

On 7th September (see e mail), I contacted O2 Customer Services by telephone and registered the issue and was advised that the Complaints department would respond within 7 – 10 days.  I received no response in that time.  I again registered the issue and was again advised by standard e mail that I would be contacted within 7- 10 days. 

On 9th September I called the complaints team and indicated my dissatisfaction that it would be a further delay.    It was clear from that conversation that no accurate record had been made of the issues I had raised because I was repeatedly asked if the issue was that I could not make calls. The person I spoke to had apparently agreed with their manager that, in the circumstances, I would be sent a new SIM card and given service free of charge for 2 months and that I would be contacted within 24 hours.  I was not contacted.

I received the new SIM card which I took to the O2 shop and they inserted it and registered the change with O2.  The same problem persisted.

I contacted O2 again, I believe the complaints department.  It was agreed that the fault may lie with the device and a new telephone was sent and received.  I took the new device to the local O2 shop.  They removed the new SIM card and replaced it with another new SIM card.  The same problem persisted.

I called O2 on 23rd September 2023 and spoke to a woman (please see attached e mail).  It was suggested that there may have been a problem with the PAC code transfer from Vodaphone.  She agreed to the following action;

  • E mail sent to Vodaphone on Saturday 24th September (copy to myself)
  • She told me Vodaphone did not work Saturday or Sunday and would not act on it until Monday
  • This staff member did not work on Tuesday
  • This staff member would contact me via e mail on Wednesday 27th September in the morning.

I had received no contact at the time of writing this letter initially but subsequently received 2 e mails on 28th September at 08:53 hours with no message, and further message sent to me at 15:50 hours, showing that she had followed her original e mail at 16:22 hours, I presume to the technical team.  It is clear that no one was responding to this issue.

27th September 2023, I contacted O2 requesting a PAC number.  I was told that would not be possible until a full investigation had been carried out, despite advising that there was supposed to already be an ongoing investigation.  I called again and was given a PAC number.  The operator asked why I would be leaving O2.  I explained the lack of service for nearly a month.  However, the email I received from him suggested that I may be liable to repay £426.

During the course of my contacts, I made it perfectly clear that I could not receive calls or texts and repeatedly requested contact either via my landline or via e mail.  I was never contacted via landline, and only responded to via e mail after 27th September.

I believe that O2 are in breach of our contract having never supplied a full service or responded appropriately to an ongoing problem.  You were quick to take payment for the first month.  I have missed a number of important telephone calls and texts which relate to family contacts, business dealings, caused considerable inconvenience with time going to and from the O2 shop, time spent on the telephone listening to music, as well as the stress of not being heard and my issues being constantly misrepresented.

The device was posted to return to you today 2nd October 2023.  I have taken photographs to show that the device is undamaged.

In the circumstances I request the return of the £24 paid as the initial month of the contract.  I also request £500 for the month of inconvenience, problems created for both family and business, and appalling (actually none existent) customer service.

I look forward to hearing your response within 10 days.

Yours sincerely,


Alessandro Volta

I think you query might best be directed to O2

or alternatively try the VM mobile forum (though I don't think VM staff on here can access O2 systems)

VM staff don't usually reply in 'Tech Chatter'

Following the O2 formal complaints process first, with a view to escalation to arbitration

would be a possible route to deal with your complaint

Trouble shooter

Virgin Media isn't the parent company of O2. Virgin Media O2 is a joint venture between Virgin Media's parent (Liberty Global) and O2's parent (Telefonica). Even though the two companies are now a joint venture, the accounts/billing etc are still completely separate. Virgin can not help with O2 isses and vice-versa.

It appears that I am getting a lot of advice from Virgin Media employees, who want me to back off.  "Virgin cannot help with O2 issues".  Well they will just ignore me like O2 are doing.  Significant that the previous reply was advising all about the O2 complaints process !  I have no doubt that Virgin and O2 are thoroughly linked.

Alessandro Volta

As per cje85, your mobile agreement is with O2. You need to refer to O2's complaints process because your mobile contract is with O2.

As stated earlier, VM employees don't usually reply in 'Tech Chatter' you have not had any contact with a VM employee in this topic.

The court process expects you to have used alternative dispute resolution before putting the matter before the court.

Your resolution lies through a formal complaint to O2. Then after 8 weeks, if your complaint is unresolved or earlier with a deadlock letter, you can go to the communication ombudsman. If the ombudsman finds in your favour, O2 should comply with the ruling. If not you could escalate to a small claim with the arbitration decision for a court judgement.

So you know all the people who have replied to me  and know they are not VM employees??????

Alessandro Volta

VM employees on here have the words 'Forum Team' under their forum name alongside the VM infinity logo.

I am just awaiting a reply from the VM Forum Team, so I will see if that's true.  Thank you for the information.

Trouble shooter

@GraemeD1 wrote:

So you know all the people who have replied to me  and know they are not VM employees??????

Neither I nor 'goslow' are VM empolyees. Most of my posts on here are complaining about the state of my own VM connection and their abysmal customer service, which would be an odd thing for an employee to do.