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Re: Cancelling my contract and starting a payment plan

Just joined

I have just had the same issue there the now.

I'm not on a tariff and my boxes are now classed as 'retired' they are that old yet I'm paying £69.65 per month for them and on a basic package for broadband etc aswell. Due to cost being so high now I'm always getting in to a month's worth of arrears making my bills £150 every 2 months. I called to cancel as BT offer broadband for £20pm and to set up a payment plan for the remaining balance but they outright refused! I have to be a customer to set up a payment plan but can't afford to stay for 3 months to pay arrears while paying current prices. Absolutely shocking to say the least, people offering to pay but being difficult because want to cancel. I intend on putting forward a formal complaint and contacting my local citizens advice as nowhere should decline payment plans to those who can't afford a lump sum, essentially forcing them to continue getting in to debt because refuse cancellation. Surprised virgin still running amount of unhappy customers there are. 


Hope you got your issue resolved eventually!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @JulieWallace 

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first posts.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with billing and payments. I can assure you our team would want to do their best to help and to provide support. You may find the following link useful Issues paying Virgin Media or Virgin Mobile bill | Virgin Media Help You can also reach our collections team on 0800 952 2025 who can best advise and help


Forum Team

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