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Please return the unused Virgin Media equipment

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hi 👋🏼 can anyone advise if the odd email Ive received it genuine? It is asking : Please return the unused Virgin Media equipment? We haven’t got any unused equipment? We upgraded to volt quite a few months ago as our old router was very old and falling apart and was unsafe the virgin engineer told us to discard it (the side was falling off) this email has come out of the blue? Thanks 😊 


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Hello, I can confirm we emailed customers who had a disconnected a hub 3 from March to now.

  • If you still have your Hub 3 please refer to your email on the next steps.
  • If you no longer have your Hub 3 please ignore the email.

Thank you 


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Can I also jump in on this post, like the OP I have also received an email telling me to return my unused Hub 3 when previously Virgin told me that I could recycle it using the community skip, which I did!

Why are they now going back on previous advice, emails this a mistake or a prelude to try getting money out of people?

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Same issue for me. Old Hub was disposed of via our local recycling hub. The new hub did not include any instructions about returning old equipment. I looked on this forum and saw several posts saying that it should be recycled safely.

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Same issue here as well. When I upgraded to GIG 1 it told me I didn't need to return the hub3. Then I recieved an email offering me free recycling, but not to worry if I'd already disposed of it. Now today, it's a reminder to return it!!!!

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 Same issue here - told you don't want Hub 3 back, now you are chasing me for the return.

I would just like to also point out sending an SMS to me at 04:10am this morning to return the equipment is seriously not a good customer experience. You really should block these out for anti social hours.

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Following this as I too received an email and SMS this morning asking me to return my old SH3 that I was previously told I could recycle myself, which I did! 

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wow.. nice to know I’m not the only one they are hassling! Does anyone know how I can contact virgin to explain I was told to discard it? The foreign call centres are horrendous, I get so stressed if I have to call them, they promise you it’s sorted but I think it’s just lip service as they rarely have the power to do anything? Thanks 😊 

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Same here. Also told to recycle which we did - now receiving emails asking us to return it. Too late! 🙄

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I'm another with the same issue.  I upgraded and received a Hub 5.  I was never asked to return the old Hub 3 (which seemed to be overheating as indicated by the power/base light colour) and there were no requests to return the old hub included in the Hub 5 packaging.  The Hub 3 was taken to my local recycling depot.

In the last few weeks I have received emails and texts telling that I have the option to return the old hub, but if I no longer have it, no problem, disregard the emails and texts.

Now I have received an email asking me to return it.  Could someone from VM please assure myself and others with the same issue that we will not be charged for the hub which we were told we could recycle ourselves.

This is the same situation with me. I got a new hub 5 some months ago and I was told to recycle the old hub 3 at my local recycling depot, which I did. Now VM are asking me to return the old hub. I’ve tried calling about a dozen times and the Indian call centres seem unable to understand. Is there anyone from VM on this site who can help or any other suggestions will be appreciated. I don’t want to be charged for not sending the old hub back.