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Past Live Chat Transcript Request

Joining in

I had a Live Chat conversation in September 2022 with a VM agent that I wish to retrieve. 

Essentially, they had promised certain conditions would be upheld and unfortunately, this is proving to be untrue.

Could I get some help with this?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @MYaq 

Welcome to the community forums. 

Sorry to hear of your concern regarding something that was promised in a webchat. We only keep webchat data for 12 months so I no longer believe this would be retrievable through a data subject access request. 

Are you able to elaborate the concern here? We might be able to assist further here if you needed.

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Upon signing up for broadband (Sept 2023), I informed the VM agent that we would be leaving the country in Aug 2024. I asked if this would be a problem re termination fees, and he assured me it would not be an issue and that no termination fee would be applicable in this instance as we were moving country. 

I wasn't willing to sign the contract until he had given me this reassurance, therefore it was the aspect that swayed me to sign up. 

Now that we are approaching our departure, I contacted Virgin Media to give notice of our imminent departure and therefore our last bill due in July 2024. Each agent I spoke to would in turn inform me that they had no choice but to charge me a termination fee. Therefore I was hoping to provide evidence of the conversation in question where I was reassured that this would not happen. 

Ah okay!
Just to confirm, are you looking for a webchat transcript from September 2023 or September 2022? You mention in your originally post that you wanted the live chat conversation from September 2022, but in your reply you mention September 2023. We only keep webchat data for 12 months, so if it is September 2023, then we may be able to provide this through a DSAR here

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent