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Password reset not working

Tuning in

I’ve a secondary account and recently my emails stopped working. 
I was frustrated that I couldn’t reset my password via the virgin media webpage so contacted tech support by phone. Following a 20 minute wait I eventually spoke to an agent and they fixed my problem by resetting my ‘secondary app password’

However I still can’t reset my secondary account password. I get the message “Please ensure you provide the email address you use to sign in to My Virgin Media.”

please advise or do I need to spend another 30 mins on the phone trying to get another ‘workaround’ to one of your technical foibles?

Cheers, Bryan. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @bryrichmond Thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media Community forums. 👋🏼 

I'm so sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the password reset for the emails. 😢
We've had a look and we can see on the system that the account holder is not yourself in this case.

This action is an account holder action only due to security and GDPR and our policies.
Please ask the account holder to get in touch with us or make a forums account and we will get this resolved for you. 🙂

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Hello Ilyas,

I’m really sorry that you think there is only the main account holder that can fix this 🥲

I would like you to explain why this is the case though when it’s your website that won’t allow the reset?

BTW, the account holder is my wife and we’ve had these emails and accounts for 17+ years. We haven’t stopped emails working, you have. We haven’t changed our policy, you have. 
My wife has just tried to log on to this ‘forum’ and unfortunately it won’t let her. 
Please provide another method of resolution ie fix your password reset system. 
Thank you 😀

I look forward to hearing from you soon 😀


Thanks for the reply @bryrichmond 😇

Apologies, let me clarify. The account holder is the only one who we can communicate with to resolve the matter.
We can speak with 3rd parties on a live interaction but only once the account holder has provided permission for us to do so, again all on the live interaction.

Unless she has a forums account, she won't be able to sign in without making an account first.
We have other methods that you can reach out to us by to sort this out by: 🧾

Please get in touch using one of the following contact methods:
Call: 150 from a Virgin Media Landline or 03454541111 from any other phone
WhatsApp: +447305 327 112
And we can help from there.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Hello Ilyas,

Thanks for the partial clarification. You haven’t clarified why the password reset system isn’t working or why this is a GDPR matter?

I look forward to hearing from you, although I’d rather you fix the password reset system, sometime soon. 


The account action that you are trying to do is an account holder only action. it would be more account security regulations than it would be GDPR issues. 

As we don't have access to the account in question, we cannot advise, why the account password cannot be reset. Please ask your wife to get in touch using the methods that my colleague supplied earlier in the thread. 

Kind Regards,


Tuning in

Hi Steven,

So, my wife has just spent an hour on the phone to 2nd line support who have reset her ‘secondary’ password. To do so she had to use her work email. She is a bit unhappy at having to associate her work email with her personal email account. This is all a bit odd and not typical with management of email passwords IMHO. 
Anyways, after an hour of messing about your 2nd line support didn’t know how or where to update her new password in Outlook. The most common email client in the world and your 2nd line support didn’t know how to set it up. 
I’m very unhappy to report that the fix didn’t work. Your operative said something about IPs being blocked by either outlook or our service provider. Guess who our service provider is, yes, it VM. He then stated that it’s a known problem which will be fixed by some renewal of IPs automatically on the 18th March. 
He also kindly added that compensation for the denial of service would be automatically provide. In this case please also include compensation for the 2hours we wasted tonight on this ‘known problem’ and the 30 minutes I spent on Friday. 

Finally, please conform this is a known problem and provide the formal tracking reference. 

I look forward to hearing from y’all again soon …. 😀




18th March

Thank you for keeping us updated bryrichmond. We're glad to hear the account holder was able to get the password reset. 

With regards to the known issue that you have advised our team discussed with you. I have investigate and sadly I am unable to locate any information regarding a known issue. 

Did they provide you with any references for that?


Hello Martin,

You have unfortunately misunderstood my message 🥲

The password reset hasn’t fixed her problem. 
She is without emails until 18th according to your 2nd line support. No, they didn’t provide a reference number. 
I take it from your message this may not be true?

Can you please contact my wife to sort as she is frustrated at having no email from her phone & laptop. 
She is the main account holder and you will be able to get her details from my secondary account. 
In this case I think you should put some effort into fixing her problem and call her?

Look forward to hearing from you,

Mr Bryan Richmond

I’m watching this very closely as I am having exactly the same problem 😡