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Over charging and being fobbed off

Joining in

So, set up a new contract, agreed it all and when the contract come through it missed TNT sport!

called up after a chat they agreed it should be there and it was added for NO extra cost!

in comes the bill! Not £61 as agreed but £113.95! Live chat and they said, part was due to the change and the contract is £87! I said No it’s £61 and should get a rolling credit! Got a copy of the transcript agreeing!

£26 credit would appear before the money comes out! A week later out goes £113.95! 
Back on live chat and was told the £26 rolling credit has not been put on again! So they said it’s all sorted now at £61 a month! Again got the transcripts!

checked a week after as they said it would show in 48 hours! Guess what! No credit showing!

just called again, apologies come over and was told that best bet is to redo the contract then no need to worry about the rolling credit! I agreed and the lady said all sorted at £91 a month! So another £4 increase! What the …..

I declined so now I am waiting a call back at midday tomorrow! Will it happen let’s see! Every renewal it’s always wrong! But this time! 5 people later and no resolve!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi bretttolhurst,

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

I am really sorry to hear about the issues you've had with your new package and trying to get this sorted. I know this must have been really frustrating.

I know you're expecting a call today, but I've dropped you a PM so I can take your account details incase you still need some help. I really want to get this sorted for you


On our wavelength


I hear your pain.

I have had the same. countless called and live chats to confirm my tarrif. They say all done now then it goes wrong again. I now have a note saying I owe them from my previous bill... Not sure how that happened as I always pay my bill on time via direct debit. You go round and round in circles with them  and even after raising a complaint there is just a lack of understanding and passing from one dept to another...Very poor service.. I give up trying to contact them as my bill may go wrong again.When this contract ends I will be off to a different suppler

Exactly the same here! So today I got my refund for the 2 over payments! 
so my new bill has this but the contract is still £26 too much! The bill is once again £26 too high! Seems like another round of phone calls! 
I literally don’t think your ever get it sorted! The worst customer service company EVER

Still not sorted! Admitted fault! Added the credit but the bill is still at the wrong amount so half the credit is going back again! Looks like another hour wasted on the phone coming up!

Thank you for reaching back out and I am sorry to hear this.

From looking at our side it looks like you have been in touch since this post, did the team manage to help and sort this out?

Matt - Forum Team

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