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Offered 350 to 500. Also have O2… what speed will I get.

Tuning in

Have been offered an upgrade from 350Mb to 500Mb for a small reduced monthly fee. We also have O2, so will the speed be boosted to 1Gb? Just wondering as perhaps as this might come with the better router the price could be worth it. Better coverage around the house etc…


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @ajo  thanks for posting and welcome back to our community.

If you're an existing Volt customer, then the speed that you'd receive would be the existing package, whatever that may be.  For example if you do accept the upgrade to 500mb, then that's the speed you will receive.  So I can offer clarification, I would like to take a look on your behalf. I am going to send you a private message. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right of your screen.