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O2 Billing Issues

Joining in

Hi there,

In June 2021 I started a contract which included M250 fibre broadband and a 5GB Oomph SIM, I chose to take the offer with the SIM as it ended up being cheaper at the time than to not take the SIM. I never used or activated that SIM.

With the recent O2 merger, I received a new SIM which I also didn't activate or use, I promptly put it somewhere (potentially even threw away because I didn't think I would need it). A while back I received a bill and a notice of disconnection from O2, at the time I assumed it was a scam because I forgot about the merger.

I've tried to call O2 to pay my bill, but they won't let me (more precisely, they won't tell me how much I owe) because I don't know the phone number associated to the SIM and I can't provide any other details relevant to the SIM (failed security). For similar reasons, I cannot pair my VM and O2 accounts, or set up an O2 community account to post in their forums.

Interestingly, the second and final physical bill I received from O2 was in November 2023 - besides that I've got all the necessary info such as account numbers, billing numbers etc, just no phone number!

If someone could assist it would be greatly appreciated!


PS: Had to post this in the account-cable thread because account-mobile is now read only!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello DocotJay


We're sorry to hear of the issues experienced with the O2 SIM and getting to speak to them in regards to this. We don't have access to the O2 systems via this forum to assist with this and you would need to speak to O2 directly. They have these contact methods available and will be happy to help.