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Notifying me of my new deal

Tuning in

Daniel, Virgin forum rep, helped me to sort out a screw-up whereby I was offered a £35 discount on my renewal price if I signed up 2 months early.  This came to less than £3 pcm more than the current payment, so I accepted.  Acknowledgement of the new deal came from Virgin.  A few days later notice came saying I'd agreed to pay the full price (no discount) immediately !  Daniel sorted this but I've had no formal confirmation by e-mail from Virgin, which worries me.  The webteam (customer services, I presume) doesn't seem to be contactable by emails - these are bounced back because their inbox is full.  Can a forum give them a prod ?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello jimbo461


Thanks for posting your update in regards to the support from Daniel. Depending on how the issue was resolved, it may be that the best package we could get was the one emailed out to you but a recurring credit will be applied to reduce this to the agreed price with Daniel.

If this is the case, the recurring credit wouldn't show on the contract but will show on the bill. Unless Daniel has advised he would email this to you specifically, this isn't something we would send.

Tuning in

Hi Robert

You and Daniel are certainly doing your best to help but, as you know, the first bill was for £102 instead of £67 and, after Daniel had intervened, the next bill showed £110 pcm. Daniel had no idea where the extra £8 came from because Voicemail (withdrawn in the £102 bill) is free. I would therefore like to see a formal response from Virgin confirming that I am to pay £67 pcm. If it shows £102 with a credit of £35 applied, that would be fine. I'm sorry to insist on this confirmation but the chats are full of folk who have had similar experiences at renewal time.

Regards, Jim

Hi @jimbo461,

Have you received any disputed billing and charges since my colleague assisted you with your concerns?

As we mentioned earlier, if a recurring monthly credit is being applied then this won't be detailed on any offer documentation that's sent to you, so if that's the "formal response" you're looking for we don't provide that. If it's an amendment of an already generated bill that you're looking for, I'm afraid that also can't be provided. Once a bill document is generated, it cannot be amended.

However, you're always welcome to reach out to us when you have any concerns and we can provide confirmation in our responses.


Zach - Forum Team
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Daniel has done his best and I have no further queries at this stage.  Thanks

Glad to hear this jimbo461.

If you need anything in the near future do let us know,

Matt - Forum Team

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