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Netflix subscription and want to payment

Tuning in




1) You want to pay for the time I don't use. You canceled the installation twice, made us wait for installation for more than 50 days, and you want all the money without any credit or other discount.


2) You installed on February 27th. Even though it was included in my package, you still have not sent me the Netflix subscription activity link since then.


3) “As I can see on your account, you got your Netflix package on 27.02.24. and you had contact us on 29.02.24. regarding your Netflix issue. However, our previous agent was escalated this issue, and our IT team are working on it. I am so sorry for this inconvenience. I love to help you as quickly as possible.”

This message from costumer service 29 February 2024


“Please accept my deep apologies for the bad experience you had, and I do understand that it can be so much frustrating for you, however, we also want that we will sort out this issue as soon as possible so you will not wait in future.

And I have also put the notes in your account about all conversation, and rest assured, it will get resolved for sure, within 3-5 working days, and also”

This message from costumer service 04 March 2024


“Thank you so much for the confirmation, Ayse. I did have a check on your account and noticed that our IT request you raised is still in process and our IT team will send you confirmation email and you will receive an activation link for the Netflix shortly.


On top of that, I will have a personal follow up on your account and make sure this issue is also getting resolved.


I hope this helps you.”


This message from costumer service 08 March 2024


“I do understand your concern. No worries there are clear notes mentioning the team is working on the ticket logged since you have not received the link  yet I will get this escalated on your behalf so that the team can expediate and send the link within the next 24 hours.  Once logged from my end the team will be aware of the delay and get this resolved on a priority.”


This message from costumer service 12 March 2024


“Thank you so much for sharing the screen recording here with me I understand you have been contacting us regarding this for a long time as I've gone through the notes and I personally apologize that the issue is still not resolved as you have reached me today I have gone ahead and escalated this to the IT team here is the IT ticket reference number for it “P012424131” please rest assured as I assure you that within the next 72 hours IT team will be resolving the issue as you are unable to get the activation button on your Virgin Media online account this will be rectified and within 72 hours you will be receiving an e-mail confirmation for your Netflix activation I know you are disappointed because you were unable to access Netflix for a long time even when it was included in your bundle but rest assured I have taken the required action and got this escalated to the right department and our IT team will take care of this within the next 72 hours they will be fixing it and you will be receiving an e-mail confirmation with the Netflix activation I will follow up and ensure that this has been taken care of so you will not have to contact us back with the same issue again👍


This message from costumer service 14 March 2024


which one is right? I am reporting you to the consumer rights court and will ask for compensation. No matter what you say, I don't believe you anymore. And you shamelessly ask for money.?


Ayse Cakir


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @bafticakir 

Welcome back to the community forums 

Sorry to hear you're having issues accessing your Netflix at this time. I can see from your detail and the system at our side that the IT team are investigating this for you. 
These investigations can take up to 5 working days, but sometime longer depending on the complexity of the issue. 

Just to confirm to see if the team have sent this out to you recently, from your online account you should see on the first page a Netflix section, if you click this then you'll be able to set up your Netflix from there. If you do not see the Netflix section on your online account, this link is usually sent also sent via email to the email address registered to the account, double check your email junk/spam. 

Let us know how you get on and we'll look into this further for you. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Tuning in


5 days finished today. But problem carry on. I don’t think so virgin media can fix this problem just saying always sorry and promise. How many days this time 3 or 5 days? Hahahah 

Have you been able to check the online account or email address for the emails?


Yes I talked costumer service..checked online checked mail nothing and Tuesday now here we go give me new 5 days and you promise this time absolutely it will be fixed. 

Thank you for confirming that. At this point if the IT Team are investigating this then we would need to wait the 5 working days


I didn’t confirm 5 days pasted. And you new LIE again 5 days your it team or costumer service didn’t contact me I’m talking sarcastic. I'm sure about this company now you are a fraudster and a liar

My apologies bafticakir but I'm unable to understand specifically what you are saying in your response. The 5 days advise is for any IT Ticket raised to our IT Team. If one has been raised today then that is the time frame for that. To confirm, have you been advise if a ticket has been raised to that team?


What are you talking about if you don’t know anything why you are writing here go to system and check I can’t explain everyday you id..ts everything again and again. You and your team did nothing my problem still not resolved. Do you understand? Costumer service want to from another 24 hours and said to me they are understand me and apologise from me. Like a other times this company big joke bull…t

Thank you @bafticakir did the team explain why they advised on 24 hours? Are you awaiting a call back? 

The more information you can provide the more we can help.