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My payments going forward don’t match what I renewed on?

Joining in

Hi, my current contract 18 months £30pm for M350 about to end and so a couple weeks ago I came onto the app and chose a renew option that is 18 months £36pm which I thought was a good deal considering I was about to move to £57pm to keep M350. But this last week my bill for March-April is in and it’s mentioning that my bill for that period is £57, which is what I was trying to avoid. Has anyone else had experience of this? I’ve had another look at my documents sent to me via email 24 February after the renewal I went through on the app and I can’t make sense of them in light of what’s now happening. I honestly wish that I phoned to renew instead now, because even after spending all that time checking over what I was reading in front of me before I agreed, it seems to have went wrong somehow. I just don’t understand what’s happened. Thanks