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My first month is more than double the cost of the usual price

Joining in

So im 3 days into my contract. Speed is good everything is setup fine.

When I looked at my first bill it was £96 originally, £33 for the 1st and 2nd month and £30 for installation which is as expected. Now checking today its went up to £145 with the first month being charged at £80.

I messaged support on Whatsapp and they ensured me that its just an estimated bill and that I will not be charged that amount, but why has it changed at all? What has made the first month £50 more than the 2nd


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello satvichit2


Sorry to hear of the confusion caused by the first bill and amount, we understand the concern and you raising this via the forums. Welcome to the community.


In your post it mentions a first bill was produced at £96 but when you checked again it had increased, as you have mentioned, the first bill does cover a longer period due to paying in advance. Did you receive a revised bill with the second amount? How long has it been since the initial bill was produced? Have you been able to ensure the payment for the initial bill went through okay if it has been over a month?