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Moving House - Put on new contract without my consent

Joining in

Hello, from what I can see, this is unfortunately a very common issue. I see others have had some success in posting here so I am doing so. Today I tried to cancel my virgin media broadband contract as it was about to shoot up to £50 a month and we are at the end of the minimum term. I was very surprised to be told I would owe £500 in termination fees as I was partway through a contract. When I asked about this, I was informed that when I moved house in October, I was put onto a new contract rather than the old one amended to my new address. I had no changes to my package, the only thing that changed was my address and I was reassured this wouldn't be a problem.

I was then stuck between picking one of the three options:

1. Pay £500 to exit the contract I never agreed to, to my knowledge I was still using the old one I did consent to,

2. Pay £50 for this month's broadband whilst I try and fix this error

3. Start a new, crappy expensive contract for throttled speeds which is what I've done as I cannot afford a £500 termination fee I never consented to, £50 a month per broadband and I work from home and so need an internet connection.

Upon looking into it, apparently my new contract should have been amended to the old term dates when I moved but this never happened. I would like to exit my contract and end the new one I've been forced to start as I can get 500mpbs for £32 elsewhere. I was also really displeased with being frequently told I should stay with Virgin Media as changing providers is a hassle and they are investing in infrastructure when the agent knew full well they had just informed me I apparently have no choice but to stay with Virgin Media.

Really would like this sorted, never had such a horrific experience with a broadband company before today.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey tg660, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this, also a very warm welcome to the community.

I have taken a look and I can see you've spoke to the team, did they manage to help at all?

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?