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More Symmetric Speed add-on woes

Tuning in

Adding symmetric upload to my Gig1 package would be very handy for me so despite the difficulties previously posted about here I though I'd give it a try. (I am on XGS-PON with Hub 5x). As you have probably already guessed I have got precisely nowhere!

The most common response on the chat has been it will cost £18 extra rather than £6 because standard price for gig1 is allegedly £78, with an additional £6 for symmetric speed, but apparently I have a "special" £12 discount which brings it down to £72. My contract doesn't specify any special discount, just a flat cost.

I was also told told there was a "problem" with my account which was causing the cost to be £7 extra, so £13 in total.

I was finally told the only was I could add symmetric speed was to go in person to a Virgin store and get it done there (really useful).

So all in all pretty much par for the course. At least I didn't get Gig2 added or end up disconnected so should probably count myself lucky!

If any of the forum team can clarify the situation it would be much appreciated.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Roberto88

Thank you for your post!

We're sorry to hear you had a hard time trying to boost your upload speeds with your package.

We're afraid that we cannot assist or advise upon XGS-PON accounts from here. You'll need to chat with the dedicated ring-fenced team over the phone for more assistance. You'll be automatically put through to them when you call us on 0345 454 1111.

I'm sorry that we couldn't be of more help from here.


Tuning in

Hi Beth

Thanks for responding. I did call the above number and eventually was transferred to a lady who did her nest to help (although it seemed clear she wasn't well briefed on the symmetrical speed add on either). However we did get there in the end. Hopefully the changes to my up speed will go through successfully but I'll just have to wait and see!

Thank you for letting us know @Roberto88 and we are so sorry again to hear that this took some time to resolve but I am glad an agent has since been able to help. 

Please do update us as you can.

Tuning in

I may have spoken too soon @ Ashleigh_C 😐

I had an email with a summary of the changes:


Nothing appears to have changed other than the price which has gone up. I'm not really keen on voluntarily paying more for exactly the same package.

Unless my upload speed does in fact increase to 1gig (and I'm not hopeful) I think my only option will be to open a complaint and get things put back how they were.

All very frustrating.

So was the ‘dedicated’, ‘ring-fenced’, specialist team, anything but?

 There really isn’t a special team for the XGS-PON customers is there?

I would not hold your hopes up too much for any sort of complaint to go anywhere, it may increase your blood pressure but other than that..... 

Thanks for coming back to us Roberto88, the changes seem to have been implemented, has there been any difference in your upload speed since you last posted?

Kind Regards,


Not so far Steven_L (I have rebooted the router):


I'll try again later and see if upload has changed..

Thanks for letting us know Roberto88, if you have no increase in upload speed by the end of today. Please do come back to let us know and we can get this investigated further.

Kind Regards,


No change in upload speed this morning - still 109Mbs