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Memorable Word Update

Joining in

I am trying to change my memorable word for use when phoning Virgin Media.

Having looked at many online posts as to how this can be done I have located my Account Settings and the Account Details but nowhere on this page is "Telephone Security Details" as stated it should be. 

Why can I not see this and how do I get this to show?

Many thanks.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @alaninhythe 

I've just checked using both the app and the browser version and the Telephone Security details is available on both. Perhaps you aren't scrolling down the page?  Have you tried a different browser? 



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Alessandro Volta

Yet another mangled VM web interface is a distinct possibility but a similar issue was mentioned in this past topic from April.

with some suggestion it might be linked to the additional VM requirement for third party email addresses.

Suggest you wait for a VM forum team reply here (usually within a few days) on how to proceed.

Many thanks for this reply. I have like you, scrolled right down the page on both the website and app and nothing like the bottom of your screen shot is there unfortunately. I now believe it is because my installation has still to take place so will give it till then then try again.


Many thanks for this reply.  I now believe it is because my installation has still to take place so will give it till then, then try again.