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Mega Volt Bundle - No Simcard and no sign of TV

Joining in


I ordered the Mega Volt Bundle which included the 43” LG TV & an unlimited 02 Sim

The Virgin media equipment arrived with no emails or mention of the SIM card or the 43” TV

After a painful hour onto customer services being told “the offer doesn’t include a TV you must have ordered it wrong” the customer assistant said he ordered it and will take up to 45 days…. Never known something take so long to be delivered in all my life.


I’ve also had no SIM card which was a big part of this deal for me, no emails regarding the sim card no post, nothing. 

This was all ordered on the 25.5.24,

When will I get my SIM card and when will I get my TV? Being told 45 days seemed like a fob off surely a more accurate date can be given? 

I have seen other forum posts where Virgin are stating “have you spoken to O2”…. I shouldn’t have to spend an hour on the phone to O2 who are even more useless on the phone, when I placed the order with Virgin Media. It seems to be a common occurrence of advertising these great deals then trying to get away with not fulfilling the order. 



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It's a pity you are outside your 14 day cooling off period.  A cancellation may have spurred something into action.

If you wait here a day or two a VM Mod should pick this up and discuss directly with you. 

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Fibre optic

I'm afraid there are 2 hopes of you receiving the 43" TV Bob Hope and no hope, and Bob Hope is dead. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Joe20 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. 

I'll send you a PM now to assist further,

Forum Team

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Still not sorted. The TV is on back order due to a stock issue (can’t be helped not too fussed but it’s ordered)


However the sim card I’ve spent all day yesterday getting bounced between Virgin & o2 for around 4 hours. Utter waste of time and appalling customer service, Virgin have messed up not processing the order due to a “technical error” spent all day trying to get a manager to authorise it, to which they authorised the order, rang me back, took another half an hour to process it to say “there’s a technical issue you need to speak to o2”


With o2 telling me nothing can be done untill Virgin sort out an order number for the sim card. 

I would love to know who trains the customer service staff because every single person tells me something different from telling me it’s impossible it’s not something Virgin offer to telling me I need to speak to o2 despite o2 putting me through to Virgin and explaining it themselves. 

Why is it I am getting charged when Virgin are not upholding their side of the contract?? 

Joining in

So the SIM card is ordered, it’s taken about 17 different advisors and about 7 calls to o2 for them to work out if you have an email address already registered with o2 they cannot place the order due to a glitch.  Utter joke that the first customer service advisor couldn’t work this out!

Hi Joe20, how are you getting on regarding the Sim Card and 43" TV?


SIM card arrived a few days after I gave them a different email address

still no sign of the TV however there is a stock issue apparently so not too concerned about that just yet! 

Thank you for popping back @Joe20 

I am so sorry to hear that this process has been frustrating but I am glad to hear the SIM has been received. Please do pop back to our agent in the PM should you need further assistance and they will do all they can to assist with the TV.