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Lied to, and Executive Complaints agree but cannot fix it!

Joining in

I suppose court action is the only way?

Long story short, I was told in April when the last round of price rises took place (and we were allowed to leave contract free) due to Covid-19 they cannot cancel contracts, but a special deal for £43.00pm 1Gbps would be available. I took it.


Have been paying £63.00 or there abouts every month. Calls have been listened to, and its agreed I should be paying £43.00. I have this in writing. They cannot change the price until after the contract apparently, nor shorten the contract which is erroneously down as 18 months from April 2024?!. 


Executive Complaints Team said "Yes you should be paying £20.00 per month less. We cannot fix this due to systems. You are welcome customer. If you cancel direct debit we will mark credit file". The shocking grammar is appalling.


Now I have found the person on the electoral role. Can I take them to court directly for theft, or should it be Virgin Media?


What exactly do I do.


Alessandro Volta

A required first step is a formal complaint to VM (but sounds like you may already have done that)

but this will, most likely, not result in any useful outcome.

If VM fails to provide a satisfactory resolution, you can reject the resolution and VM should provide you with a deadlock letter (although OFCOM is currently investigating VM because of poor performance in doing this). With a deadlock letter, or in any event after 8 weeks from when you formally complained, you can go to arbitration.

The arbitration process is free to you but it costs VM

Awesome. Yes, I have that at the end of the shocking formal complaint letter. 


Arbitration it is I suppose. 


The most frustrating part of it all is, the service is actually good! Thank you. I will go through those hoops now.

The feedback from customers on here is generally very favourable about the arbitration process.

The arbitration cases which are most successful seem to be where the customer has presented a clear timeline of what has happened, with accompanying evidence linked to the timeline, so it is easy for the adjudicator to follow the history of the case and track the sequence of events from each party involved.

Good luck!

Knows their stuff

Hmmm. It might just be me but it sounds like the Executive Complaints Team is also now offshore... 

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

@Cardiffman282 wrote:

Hmmm. It might just be me but it sounds like the Executive Complaints Team is also now offshore... 

That figures , they are not replying to my emails !

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi flashberry244 👋

Thanks for posting, and a warm welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've experienced relating to your package pricing, and the discussions you have had with our team that do not maintain the level of service we aim to offer.

I'm going to send you a private message, so we can look into this further for you. Please look out for it in the top-right, white envelope and we'll do our best to assist further.


Reece - Forum Team

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