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Just signed up to Sports/Sky Sports HD but no channels added

Joining in

VM, before I raise a complaint and trigger my statutory right to cancel the add on, I would like an explanation and an expectation of when my add-on Sky Sports/Sky Sports HD channels will be added. I received email confirmation and pre-contract agreement confirming my add ons have been processed but when looking at my channel listings, there is an Oops TS2/3/2/10341 technical glitch and the help functionality does not point me in the right direction to resolve. Looking at this community forum, it appears I am not the only customer (and sadly won’t be the last!) who is experiencing this issue. But what I find disgusting is my regular monthly bill of £58 is going up to £96 but then for the first monthly bill since the upgrade goes up a further £41 to £138!!!! For what!!! The usage between now and my next bill date - I haven’t got the channels in order to use. If it takes 7-14 days for it to be added then that extra £41 can come straight off my next bill thank you very much!! 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello SnookieBoi24


Sorry to hear of the problems since adding Sky Sports to your current package, we understand the confusion and you wanting to know what has happened.


We can see you spoke to the team yesterday, we're they able to investigate this and make sure the content was added correctly? Has this become available since your post as it can take up to 24 hours to be applied and can sometimes require a reboot of the set top boxes?


Let us know.



Hi Rob, thank you for getting in touch. No, I have not spoken to anyone so not sure how you can see someone has spoken to me?! I have checked, and rebooted my set up and nothing is showing these additional channels. 

All interactions are recorded on the account SnookieBoi24, this may be via contacting the team and speaking to them or via running checks and test via our selfcare options. If you have ran these whilst experiencing the issues it would explain this.