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Incorrect Bill Amount despite renewed contract

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I logged into my account and just discovered the bill is showing £63 which is wrong.
But I've recently renewed my contract with Virgin for TV, Broadband and Landline and figures do NOT match up.

I joined Virgin on November 2022 and contract I signed, the discount was due to expire on 08/05/2024.
Therefore I renewed on 20/04/2024 which clearly is before my contract/discount expires. I was informed by the agent when I renewed the contract on 20/04/2024 that my new contract would begin once I connect TV360 to the Hub 3 router.

I have evidence that when my new contract starts the bill is £19.35 for May but it will be £33 per month the following month (June). I was informed of this on 20/04/2024 via LiveChat when I renewed by new contract by the customer services agent named "Sadiya".
Here is what was stated to me:
"You will receive TV360 box on 24/4 and once you install TV box your new contract will start.
This month you have paid 28.28 and next bills will be,

Bill Billing Due Amount Run Date Date
19.35GBP 29/04/24 14/05/24
33.00 GBP 30/05/24 14/06/24
Hope this helps?"

It looks like my new contract has not been activated.

However, the cables that came with the TV 360 are short because I have a large room. This is not my fault.
I requested for longer broadband cable last week 27/04/2024 and I was told by the agent "Priyanka" that a "10m cable and 15m cable would arrive in 3-5 working days free of charge". I am still waiting for longer broadband cables to arrive so i can connect the new TV360 Box that Virgin sent to me the Hub 3 Router.

So I have questions if Virgin rep can answer please:

  1. Why is my new bill for May showing £63? Do i really need to connect the TV 360 Box for the new contract to start?
  2. Once I connect the TV 360 Box, will the bill amount change for May 2024 before monies is taken out of my bank account?
  3. What is the progress on arrival of the longer cables so i can connect the TV360
    to Hub 3 Router?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey CP_55, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear about this.

If a new bit of equipment was involved with your new contract you would need to plug this in to activate the new contract.

Did you get all the paperwork for the contact?

How was this contract renewal made?  

Please also remember we do bill a month in advance. 

Matt - Forum Team

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Hi Matthew_ML

The contract was renewed over Live Chat. The agent informed me that the individual who produced the contract for me didn't actually put it through the system correctly and therefore it didn't register and it was too late to amend the bill. 

I have the new TV360 Box installed earlier this month (4th May 2024). I had Virgin Media Engineer come to the property and install it because of where the router is located.

Virgin also sent me 2 x TV360 Boxes because the initial box that was sent incorrectly configured. I handed that incorrectly configured box over to the engineer when he visited the property on 4th May 2024. He stated that he would take that back to Virgin Media.

I am going to contact Live Chat to double confirm the bills for June and July to ensure it is indeed correct because I do not want any surprises. 

Sorry to hear this, do you have the paperwork by any chance to show what deal was offered? 

Did you manage to get through on live chat?

Matt - Forum Team

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I did get through to Live Chat but they are incompetent, i have been incorrectly charged for month of June.
Here is my complaint reference number: complaint number- C-2805241540.

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On 28th May I contacted Virgin Media via Live Chat about bills for June, July and August 2024.
I was provided with incorrect bills for that month and I challenged it. I was told automated system generates it.

On 30th May 2024 a bill was generated and between the period of 9th June 2024 until 9th July 2024
I have been charged £7.00 according to the most recent bill.

I was told on 28th of May that I will not be charged any monies for June 2024.
I have proof of this and here is complaint reference number removed

Here is what I was informed via the Live chat on 28th May 2024:


Please find the complaint number removed
£11 GBP credit applied within 24-48 hours
June bill - £0
July bill - £29.00
August bill - £33.00

So why did your systems generate the bill of £7.00 on 30th May 2024. I contacted you BEFORE the bill generation.
How incompetent are your systems and staff that manage the bill process? Tell me this?

Are you going to rectify this so I avoid contacting you again and again.
I've had to contact live chat on 2 occasions about this and still not resolved.

I should NOT have to keep chasing to resolve this, why are your systems/processes not robust and some of your staff incompetent to resolve this matter.

[MOD EDIT: Private details removed]

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UPDATE 23/06/2024

Reached out to Live Chat, liaised with agent called "Aakash"and agent has informed me the following:

  • £11 credit was not applied in May 2024 for "some technical reason"
  • Aakash has now applied additional credit so total of £16 credit to the account
  • This matter should have been resolved in May 2024 and the bill for June 2024 should have been £0.00

Aakash has informed me that July 2024 bill that will generate on 28th June 2024 will have the credit applied and should cost me £17.

FAO Virgin Media staff: Can someone here who is a Virgin Media staff member check that the credit has indeed been configured and applied because I do not have to keep chasing you to see if my bills are correct.

I work in customer service and I make sure that a customer does not need to repeatedly come to solve the same issue again and again

Do I have to get Trading Standards involved?


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Matthew_ML - I have added some updates (see my posts on this thread from today 23/06/2024),

can you or (any other mods available) assist me with my request please?

I really want the issue to be resolved and not worry about checking bills each month to ensure correct amount was charged.

I'm going to pop you a PM 📩 so we can take a closer look into this.


Forum Team

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