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I'm now homeless and need to cancel

Joining in

Hi there,


I've been evicted by my landlord (a Section 21 no-fault eviction), and had to move out. I'm now homeless, and am sofa-surfing with friends and relatives. I contacted Virgin Media on Twitter, and they said waiving the early disconnection fee would be considered in my situation on a case by case basis, however I got in touch with Virgin Media via the WhatsApp chat and was told there was no possibility that the fee could be waived (or even reduced).


Is there any chance I could get a second opinion with regards to this? Due to my contract length left I would be paying the full disconnection fee and due to my current financial situation, I cannot afford this.




Joining in

Hi, I am also about to be made homeless due to a no-fault section 21 notice eviction, and have just been told by Virgin that despite these circumstances I am going to be charged an early cancellation fee – all because I quite obviously can't take my broadband contract on to connect up while I live on people's sofas. The agent I just spoke to told me there is no recourse to have this fee waived even given the circumstances – is this true, even with proof from the landlord? If this is the case it is shameful on Virgin's Media's part.

Alessandro Volta

Refer to this recent topic which may be helpful.

Hopefully the VM forum team will be able to assist in a similar way. They normally reply within a few days.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi mdjobst,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community. 

So sorry to hear about your current change in circumstances.

So we can assist with this matter please expect a PM from myself.

The message will appear within the envelope icon.