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I can't register my account

Joining in

When I try and register my account, I get emailed a link but upon clicking it, it tells me the link has expired. From the same web page where it tells me my link is expired, I can request a new link, but it's the same experience in a loop.

I just tried again, and I didn't receive a verification link via email at all. I also tried "forgot your password" but also did not receive an email to generate a new password.

I can see lots of other people on your forums complain about an identical experience. You DM the person to resolve and get them set up. Can someone do this for me so I can complete the sign up process?

It might be worth investigating the root cause and sharing the feedback with the team who own the sign-up process to create a better customer experience.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

We can see you have another thread on this and are in DM. Please respond to that DM and keep to one thread.