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House move

Joining in

I’m having an absolute nightmare with moving house! I informed Virgin on the 23rd February re my move on the 15th March.

they have left me with no services whatsoever, I have to call every day, they don’t call back as promised, and it is all getting very silly.

it seems that the previous owner is porting her number from virgin to a new supplier, Virgin have delayed this process and have refused to disconnect her line in MY house. As a result they will not book an engineer to install my services.

i told them that I have a vulnerable child who I have to call ambulances for, that the signal in the house was poor on my mobile etc and that I needed my services as a matter of urgency. I was told that a manager had said it didn’t make any difference!

I have sent an official complaint that was supposed to be acknowledged within 48 hours and it is still not being acknowledged 4 days later 

I am at my wits end and have no idea what to do and am sick of getting through to different people in a call centre 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Clairep1 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Community Forums. Apologies for the issues that you are having with bringing your services to your new home. Unfortunately, any issues that are persisting with your house move will have to be direct contact with them, we cannot resolve house move related issues due to their processes and procedures. I do apologise that the situation is not ideal for yourself and would advise that you also notify them of your child so that they can update the account accordingly. 

📞 0345 454 1111, option 1, 4, 3.


I did notify them regarding my child. They said it didn’t matter. They do not reply to complaints and there is no follow up from any phone calls I have with them. I am stuck 

Please can you join me in a private message so that we can get some details from you to update your account.


After many lengthy and frustrating conversations regarding the installation of my services following a house move I am no nearer to a conclusion.

Ive been left without any service for a week and a half now with a vulnerable child at home. I have had to cancel zoom meetings to my expense and my other daughter is having to drive to university every day to utilise the internet as she reached the end of her nurse training, again, at an expense.

I put a formal complaint in a week ago, no response, I catted with someone on here on Friday last week, was promised a response 



Sadly VM do not do any kind of back to back service for domestic customers.

Get organized with your mobiles as hot-spots or USB connected to laptops for work / study,
with what you not paying to VM that will cover quite a decent amount of GSM data.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Clairep1 

I've merged your latest post with the original thread.

Forum Team member Sabrina is already helping you with this via PM.

I'm sorry but the forums aren't an instant response method to communicate with VM.  The forum team also work on the social media channels, and work the same hours as the phone agents, and do work to a common rota/days off. 

Sabrina will pick up your PM and give you any additional information/help she is able to provide when she is next on line.

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