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Have I been lied to by Virgin Staff?

Tuning in

Today I negotiated a new deal on broadband by phoning the virgin cancellation line. Before I agreed to the new contract I asked THREE times if the price will increase in April due RPI etc. I was told THREE times NO it will not this is a fixed price contract, so I agreed.

I just received the pre contract information in email and on the very first page next to my price is an asterisk that says prices will increase with RPI starting in April.

So I have been lied to, I was told it would not increase and my price was fixed. I guess the offshore call centre staff just say anything to get you to take the contract?



Policy starts this April, but you may find that as you are so close to the start date you are exempt from this years one (but not next years). I've been in similar situation before. Having said that, anything is possible 🙄

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @MDG211 👋
Thank you for your post and welcome to our forums, I am so sorry to hear about your experience when negotiating a new deal, we can certainly look into this for you. I will pop you over a PM, so keep an eye out for the little envelope 📩👀


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I have since been told by email I am getting a £35 activation charge even though the 'Manager' in the call centre said I would not be getting this charge as I am a long time customer. 

I would warn anyone of dealing with the Virgin call centre as it seems the blatantly lie to get you to take out contracts. I am considering getting into contact with my MP and going to the newspapers to talk about the practices that Virgin seems to be doing 

Thanks for the update @MDG211.

Do please however continue to work with my colleague, who will be happy to have this resolved for you as soon as they possibly can



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I was told the same thing, so not happy about the rise. Without the offer or "promise" in writing, there is not a lot that you can do. Talk is cheap, but not for us that have to pay the bill.

Thanks for your post @Vessel, can you please confirm when you agreed a new package?

The insight by @unisoft may also be applicable to yourself, if this was a recent agreement.




I would like to work with your colleague but since they contacted me with the initial message, I have sent 4 messages and not had a single reply

Thanks for coming back to us @MDG211.

We would advise that all agents are entitled to a roted days off, which usually fall on weekends before private messages are passed onto other agents.

To cover weekends however, one team has the Thursday and Friday offline before then covering the weekend hours - which run from 8am until 6pm

If messages sent from yourself beyond 4pm on Wednesday have thus far been unanswered, it's highly likely that the poster you're working with is offline and will be available to assist over the weekend.



Hi David,

My contract started on the 28th July 2023, when I initially made the package agreement the agent said that I could have the same package that I was getting for £25 a month. This was well below what I was paying, so I asked him several times if this was correct, and he said that it was. So obviously I agreed.

Imagine my surprise, and anger, when my contract arrived and it was for £67.00!

I immediately contacted the customer services to register a complaint. I was told that the telephone conversation would be listened to, and if it was correct that I was offered the package for £25, that is the price I would be charged, as it was a legal offer.

Low and behold, this did not materialise, and I was offered the package for £51 a month. But no one contacted me to say why that was the case. So who was at fault here? Was it brushed under the carpet, and the agent sacked for giving me too much of a discount?

I could not see the point in pursuing it as I couldn't believe what I was told, also the contract on my account, is for the £67 one, and not the £51, that hasn't even been updated.