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Getting Charged Double

Joining in

We cancelled our Virgin Media last month before our next bill was due (Feb 19th 2024), and today we were told that we now owe your company £147, which is double the fee. Apparently, Virgin is trying to get us to pay for a bill dated for Jan 19th even though we paid this through direct debit (which we have proof).

We will pay the bill from Feb 19th, but we are not going to pay for something in which we have already paid for.

We had been with Virgin for over 25 years (Since the Telewest days), we did not want to leave but felt that we had no choice this time.

The last three times our contract was coming to an end, we would call to ask for the TV and Telephone to be removed, only to be forced into a contract which we did not want. This time we stuck to our guns and refused to accept what we were offered because it was not what we wanted.

The last person I spoke to was rude and arrogant when I refused to accept the offer of £50 for Broadband and Telephone, especially when I had told him many times that I only wanted broadband.

We would have been happy to stay with Virgin (even though the price rises have put us off), but not being forced to take items which we do not use and do not want.

We will pay for the last bill of £73, but we are not paying anything more, especially since we already paid the previous bill.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello IreneAC

Thanks for your first post and welcome to our Community.
Sorry to hear you are having an issue with your final balance.

Sorry as well to hear you have decided to lave us after 25 years.
I'd like to take a look into this for you.
If you don't mind, I will need to send you a private message to pass security. 
If you can check your logo at the  top right of your screen that would be great.