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Equipment return nightmare

Joining in

Moved home long ago, cancelled services after flat sale went through 10th May, now called 4 times after they keep sending me boxes to return the equipment.  I have explained on 4 separate calls that where i have moved to does not have the facility to return the equipment...

I have 7-8 year old equipment, the old old tivo unit and a hub 2 i believe.  The first calls were hopeless, i got chucked around multiple agents, no one has a clue what to do. They then processed an engineer to collect - Again i live on a small island, that doesn't have virgin media let alone any decent fiber.  Simply your agents will not listen.

I then received an email to say you were charging me £40, Ive called again and spoke with a further two agents one of which said please hold and sent me to yodel...again i cannot use yodel, we have basic post available to us.  Pointless waste of my time and my phone bill.

Called again 5 minutes later, agent raised complaint...not 15 mins later you've resolved the complaint with a note of agent retraining.....  At my wits end here, that's now 5 staff in total and not one knows how to sort the inability to return nearly a decade old equipment. 

Can someone with the slightest ounce of sense contact me so  i can resolve this and not be charged silly money for something outwith my control...




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @deancwb 

Welcome back tot he community forums 

Sorry to hear you're having issues with returning your equipment. 

The equipment would still be the property of Virgin Media whilst it was used for your services and regardless of the equipment's age, if we've requested the return of the equipment, then there might be unreturned equipment charges applied to the account until the equipment is returned. 

Was there a reason the equipment was not returned whilst you were still able to before your move? 

Did you take the equipment to your new address or is the equipment still at your old address? 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent