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Early Disconnection Fee Worries

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Hi everyone, 

I am a student that is currently worrying about the cost of the early disconnection fees. To provide context, I applied for a 24 month contract that started in September 2023 as I was expecting to finish my final year and masters in those two years. However, there was a change in plans that is requiring me to move out the UK in September of 2024 to the US. I am aware that moving country does not mean that you are exempt from paying the early disconnection fee and acknowledge that I agreed to the terms and conditions in the contract.

My current bill is just for the broadband which is £35.90 a month. I share this cost with my current housemate which we agreed to split until September of 2024, therefore I’ll be responsible for paying the termination fee as I expected to stay longer. If I assume correctly, my termination fees should be 35.90+(35.90x11) which equals £430.8. for an estimated termination fee which is high for a student. Would it be better to just pay it monthly or just pay the fee straight away in September? Is there anyway to negotiate the disconnection fee?

Any advice would be appreciated as I am incredibly anxious about this.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Supernova123 👋 Welcome to our forum and thanks for your post 😊

While we appreciate that the termination fee does seem like a lot, we do state in our terms of service that it is payable if you are moving outside of the country. That being said, we do also look at each individual circumstance to see what support we can offer.

As you aren't however moving until September, this can only be done as part of cancelling your account. For which, we'd need to take 30 days notice. It would be best to pop back here at least 30 days before you wish for the account to end and we'll take a look at this for you.



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