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Difficulty in returning equipment

Joining in

Having had multiple reminders that I should return the equipment having closed the account, the returns packaging still hasn't arrived and I am threatened by text with a charge for non-return.

I wasted 45 minutes this morning on a livechat about this and the advice was to take it to a Yodel point and they will sort me out.  I spent a further hour packaging up the kit and going round to my local Yodel point.  Yodel told me they need a label or barcode to accept the package. They were not able to sort me out and the advice from the livechat was completely wrong (chat included below)

Please can someone arrange to contact me to actually send the returns packaging or Yodel label and remove the email and text threats of charging me when virgin can’t do the job right in the first place 

This has been the most ridiculous process I have ever gone through to leave a company. 

Livechat exchange:

VM: Thank you so much for clearing the security, I would like to inform you that, now Virgin Media have facility for the customers who wish to send their old equipment without being charged or bother. You can send us the equipment through near of the Yodel store, all you need to do is just give them the equipment and don't forget to take the receipt as it will be required if we don't receive the equipment from Yodel.
10:21, Dec 16
Steve : what information do I need to include? The account number and my name obviously but anything erlse?
10:22, Dec 16
Steve : Where shouodl it be addressed?
10:26, Dec 16
VM: Good question, there would be a form which you have to fill out and yes you will require account number and full name of the account holder and the address of the Virgin Media would be already mentioned in that form. I would recommend you to please don't forget the receipt that you will get from the Yodel.
10:26, Dec 16
Steve : you mean Yodel will have the form?
10:27, Dec 16
VM: Absolutely right, they will guide you in the equipment return process.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi saschneider

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.

We are sorry you haven't been able to return the equipment.

You can order return packaging here 
The communications regarding the charge are system generated.

Once the equipment has been received this will stop and any charge that may be added will be removed. 



Vikki - Forum Team

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Thanks Vikki, by hunting around the communith forum I found that it can be returned through Yodel and I found where to print off a label, so I have now sent it back through Yodel.  


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the update on the matter saschneider!

Do pop back up if you require any further assistance.

Take care,


Hi Kain/Virgin,

I have today (27th December) had a message from you telling me that you will be charging £40 for non-receipt of the router following my cancellation of contract with you. Your email does not provide any way for me to send information to you about this, only to book a collection appointment. However I have already sent it back. I have done everything you have told me to do and frankly I am fed up with the hoops you are asking me to jump through to finish this contract. I have never had this amount of trouble with any other company.

The details of my situation are as follows:

Following the advice from my livechat interaction with you, I sent the kit back to Virgin using Yodel.  It was sent on the 16th December. The tracker says that it is still in progress. You can check this with the following information which I had on my receipt from Collectplus who took the package for Yodel:

Tracking D8WTBNG
Parcel Barcode(s)
To track the status of your parcel, head to and enter the parcel barcode above.

What would I like?
I would like you to confirm that you will not be charging me £40 with respect to the equipment that I returned using the method you advised, and that you will finally close the account.

Many thanks




Thanks for coming back to us saschneider, as you have already returned your equipment you will not be charged but it can take around 10 days for the equipment to reach us and be processed and at that point the charge would be removed from your account but it may take longer during the festive period but if you have returned the equipment and have the receipt you can ignore any message about non-return of equipment charges. 

Kind Regards,