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Daylight Robbery!!

On our wavelength

I was out of contract with Virgin, so when they proposed to increase my monthly payment, I decided to move to Talk Talk. There was a gap of several weeks between the changeover, but then I discovered that Talk Talk didn't have fibre to the premises, as their advert says, so I decided to go back to Virgin. Talk Talk had installed a new hub and connected my landline to their system.

I negotiated a better deal with Virgin, and that's when the nightmare started.

Changing back to Virgin was fraught with lack of service, my landline had effectively disappeared, and I was frequently disconnected when trying to get service back on. No-one had told me that I had been changed over from landline to VOIP, and the only way I could communicate in either voice or data was by using my mobile. 

Throughout, Virgin have pestered me for money that they say I owe. I don't. 

Only this morning I spoke with a woman at Virgin who told me that the payment demand stands because there was no disconnection, that my service was continuous, and that even faced with the fact that a Virgin engineer came out to install a new hub because the old one was faulty, and had been so for some time, this bill stands. I also discovered later that I had been allocated a fresh home phone number - but no-one told me what it was!!

So, thanks to Virgins lousy technical and customer services, I am stuck with a bill that I don't owe, which unless I pay it, it will have a negative effect on my credit rating, and I will have reduced Virgin services.

I regard Virgin Media as a totally dishonest organisation. There is no comeback to these payment demands. It is daylight robbery.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the update on this matter catnamedog,

I can see that you were invited into a PM for this matter.

I'd advise to get back in touch via that channel for further assistance.



On our wavelength

The misery continues...

I have received another demand for payment via email. I've forked out £123.58 to Virgin.

Why aren't they drawing on the Direct Debit That is STILL set up, even though they say that I cancelled it. I DIDNT!!

I am now several hundred pounds down and still not "enjoying" the reduced price for my broadband/home phone deal. I've tried several times to talk to their accounts department, only to be cut off after waiting for ages for someone to answer the phone.

I really cannot wait to be rid of this shyster organisation. I tried to complain to Ofcom, only to be told that I cannot raise an individual complaint. This proves just how useless these alleged "watchdogs" are, and that outfits like Virging can treat their customers exactly how they feel like.


Hi there @catnamedog 

Thank you so much for updating the forum and I am so sorry to hear that this issue has continued. 

I have looked back and I can see that our team have offered to look into this with you via a private message but this has not yet been accepted.

I'd be happy to look into this closer with you via a private message and will pop one across now, if you would like us to investigate further please do respond to the PM. 

Please keep an eye out for the envelope at the top of your screen alerting you to a new message.