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Credit file - missed payment incorrectly added

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Today I was made aware of some updates on my credit file related to missed payments on my Virgin Media account. I've already been in touch with your customer service team who have confirmed there is no valid reason for these missed payment entries to have been added to my file as all payments are up to date. The only change that's been made to my account is that we gave notice to cancel our services as the new house we are buying isn't serviced by VM. We arranged this to coincide with our billing period and so there shouldn't be an outstanding bill after the disconnection date.

As advised, I have put in notices of correction with the credit reporting agencies and emailed I received an auto-response from VM saying they may take 21 days to get back to me and this has me very concerned as I'm due to be exchanging on the house purchase in the next couple of weeks and this has the potential to impact my mortgage approval.

I'm reaching out here in the hope that someone from the Virgin Media team can expedite the review of my case.

Thank you.


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Hi Virgin Media

Not to highjack LKMPA's conversation, but this too has just happened to us. We too have been on the phone with Virgin who have provided the above email. We are unable to wait for this to rectified in 21 days as we are due to exchange and complete a purchase in the next couple of weeks(23rd).  

Is there a way to escalate this issue please ?

Just as the previous poster, we desperately require your assistance in amending this error.




Forum Team
Forum Team


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

Best wishes.

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John please see my post 10 mins ago. I have the exact same issue. And it is really urgent. 

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Same here. Sort this out ASAP pls

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Hi I am just posting as the account holder in this matter as I was advised that my husband couldn't deal with this for me.

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Hi @LKMPA , David127A7799 I hope they managed to resolve the issue for each of you. I'm trying to resolve the same problem and was wondering if they managed to fix the the issues and get the incorrect missed payment record removed? Are you able to share some info about how they resolved it (timeline for correcting missed payment record on credit report, did you still have to contact the credit agencies yourself, was there any acknowledgement that they were at fault, any further issues that you had after they had 'fixed' it?). 


I have the same issue. Could someone contact me urgently to resolve this.