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Credit File Amendments

Joining in

We were a customer with VM for over 6 years until last September when we sold our flat. I thought all bills had been settled so cancelled our direct debit, but it turns out there was still a final outstanding bill. This has now impacted my credit file and we’re unable to get a mortgage for the house we’re trying to buy. 

I’ve paid the final bill and raised it with your customer services team, and sent an email to but no one has come back to me. 

We paid every single bill on time for over 6 years but now because we missed one payment we aren’t able to get a mortgage. Please can someone come back to me and let me know how to get this removed from my credit file??


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Eawg2008

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.

We are sorry you haven't received a reply from the credit file amendments team yet. 

What date was this sent please?

Please be advised, if a default is correct, we cant remove this.

If it has been paid, this will be marked as settled/paid on your credit file however the default itself remains. 

Please pop back to us when you can. 


Vikki - Forum Team

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Joining in

After being a customer with VM for six years we moved house so closed the account and paid what I thought had been the final bill. I also cancelled the direct debit. 

It turns out there was still an outstanding bill of £66 on the account which I hadn’t paid and it remained unpaid for 4 months. During that time I didn’t get any correspondence from VM to warn me that this was the case. I only realised when I tried to get a mortgage and was rejected because it had ruined my credit score. 

I’ve paid the bill but it’s still not showing as paid on my report so mortgage still won’t be accepted. We’ve now missed out on the house we wanted to buy. I never missed a payment in the 6 years I was a customer with VM but now being punished for one missed payment I didn’t know about. No one is able to help me sort this, the customer service is absolutely shocking. Please can someone contact me to get this resolved??

Hi Vikki, I sent the email to the credit team last week. I know it says 21 days to reply but this is unacceptable, I need a response sooner than this as we are trying to get a mortgage. 

Who can I speak to so that this can be resolved?

Although we appreciate the urgency Eawg2008, the time frame is set by that team and is the same for all customers, we aren't able to expediate this. They do advise up to 21 days so it may be sooner but we have to manage expectation by giving full timescales.



Alessandro Volta

As customers fof Virginmedia we are used to poor service, but this treatment is utterly disgraceful.

To register a default for a relatively small amount on a credit file that has life-changing consequences for a family, and then to take three weels to reconsider it, is just unacceptable. 

The 21 days is a time delay imposed be VM itself, and they could respond much quicker if they chose. But as always with VM, is the customer who has to suffer.  It's almost as if they take pleasure in it.

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.