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Contract renewal nightmare

Just joined

I apologise in advance for my rant.

I have been out of contract for a few months now and decided to renew, hopefully to bring my bill down. I logged on and was quoted £83.65. As we do not use our landline I reached out to customer chat service to see If I would pay less if I removed the landline (You would have thought so!). I was told that the best they could do was £90 (sill including a landline) - £6.35  more than a straight renewal. Frustrated, I phoned customer services. Now the best deal - including an "exclusive discount" for being a good customer was now £88! - now just £4.35 more - but still more! anyone have a similar experience? It seems ludicrous I should be paying more for less service! and that I've had 3 prices for exactly the same package! with customer service like this I'm really tempted to go to a different provider.


Super solver

Cancel and they might begin to take a smidgen of interest in you. Make sure you have marketing enabled and a correct mobile number on record. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Woolly66 👋

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post.

I am sorry the team were unable to offer you a suitable deal and we would hate for you to leave us.

We're more than happy to review your package here if you would like to see what is available. 

Let us know.


Forum Team

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