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Contract renewal - deal not activated

Tuning in

I received an email 4 weeks ago from Virgin offering me a good price to renew my contract early. I clicked on the link and signed up. I had a confirmation email through but this new deal has not been activated. I've used the WhatsApp chat service and tried to call Virgin via the 150 number but it is impossible to actually speak to someone who can actually help you. The WhatsApp chat is just the bot where you are in an endless loop until you decide to give up. On the off chance you get through to an adviser they have no clue. I must say I'm getting very frustrated and seriously considering not renewing anymore.

Is there anyone at Virgin who can help??



[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello HitenL999


We're sorry to hear of the package renewal issues following the emailed offer, we appreciate the frustration this can cause and you raising it via the forums.


What have the team advised when you have been able to speak to them in regards to the offer of renewal? Usually once accepted these are applied within 14 days although from your original post this timeframe appears to have passed.



Tuning in

Exactly the same thing happend to me  - just spent 45 mins on phone to customer services with rep alternatively stating there was no order -  the product was withdraw -  the order was not processed and trying to say best he could do is charge DOUBLE the CONTRACTED Price - I have raised a formal complaint via the online portal but even that doesnt seem to work properly -  you fill in the complaint then submit and get a half filled in form -  no idea if this has gone through -  so come May when my original contract end I dont know what will happen -  I om of a mind to complaint to OFCOM and if necessary take small claims proceedings if Virgin do not honor the contract THEY offered for an early renewal - I accepted -  Virgin CONFIRMED 

Hello Jaicey


We're sorry to hear of the problems experienced with your package renewal, we understand the frustration and appreciate you raising this via the forums.


Do you still have the email with the offer on? If you have been given a complaints reference you can track it here, these are emailed out once raised.



Hi Robert, yes I have the email inviting me to renew early with a special offer and the email received (with the two pdf contract attachments literally about 20 mins latest after I signed up for the offer -  disappointingly Virgin Customer services did not even want to look at these two emails and basically spent 45 mins either keeping me on hold why they had internal discussions or telling me there was no record of the offer or the new contracts...... it really is not good enough

I am sorry to hear this, if you have gone through the app / email route normally these can take up to 10 - 14 working days to become active.

Has it been longer than this? 

Matt - Forum Team

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