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Contract Renewed Today Feel I have Been Mis-Sold

On our wavelength

I took a call this evening from Virgin who stated I've been on my contract for 18 months and it's due to expire. If I do not change to a new contract, my monthly bill will increase.

The line was terrible and kept cutting out and it was incredibly difficult to understand what the chap was saying and numerous times I had to ask him to repeat what he said. I did ask for this to be done via e-mail but told not possible.

Eventually, after much frustration, I have agreed to the new 18 month contract with the understanding none of my services will be changed (broadband & TV).

Now I cant access TNT Sports either online with TV Go or at home and says I need to upgrade to watch. I've checked my package details on line which states I have MAXIT TV which includes the channels I'm now missing. However, the e-mail regarding the new contract states MEGA TV...which doesn't. 

I'm expecting to be told that I'll need to foot the bill to get TNT Sports and I feel I have been misled or mis-informed by the caller and this isn't acceptable.


Alessandro Volta

You are certainly not the first person to have complained on here that you have been mis-sold a new package that excludes TNT sports.  By this dodge they have sold you what you believed was a good deal but you will actually have to pay more to get the same channels.

Any court would say this was mis-selling, but they know very well that you aren't going to report it.

All you can do is tell them you are cancelling because you were mis-sold the new contract. They may come back with a better deal, or they may not. That's a risk you will be taking.

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.


Push the mis-sold when phoning.


On our wavelength

I'm furious with this. I've been with Virgin for over a decade, paid quite a bit in that time. 

I really struggled to understand what was being said by the caller with the accent but you're hesitant to state that for fear of being accused of discrimination. Obviously the call quality didn't help matters either. We all know off shore call centres are cheaper than UK based but come's ridiculous.

Are sales lying to get your custom or just ignorant of what is and is not available now?

Virgin no longer the Company it used to be.

I've been with Virgin since Cable & Wireless, NTL and now Virgin, you do need to speak to retentions (the leaving option option) when calling to negotiate a new contract to actually get any sensible answers, you speak to the offshore people and it's yes you get the same but then the new contract email they send is different and they give you some BS about being able to change it.


Hey tc472, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

If you have agreed a new contract you should get sent some documents which will show what you have agreed to,

You also have a 14 day cooling off window .

Did you get this email?

Matt - Forum Team

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