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Complaints - outstanding balance removal

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Hi all, I’m looking for some help and maybe some answers regarding my current situation with Virgin media. Last year I decided to not continue with my contract renewal after I found out my old contract expired and I was getting charged more than double for the same service for almost 6 months. When I contacted customer service over all possible sources I found it very hard to get my contract cancelled. I took day off from work just so I can deal with this. But to my disappointment haven’t managed to get my account closed.

I was begging them to just cancel my rolling on contract but the second I was demanding cancellation they refused to do it. Took me 4 working days of online chat communication and whatsapp texting and multiple phone calls to finally close it. What happened then they tried to charge me for 2 months ahead even when I was already paying for a one month ahead. So I refused to pay then of course they start to hitting me with calls,emails, texts like non stop for about 6 months. Then suddenly they sent me letter I only need to pay remaining £56 that I own them!!! I refused to pay so they put this on my credit report which was completely damaged from scores 980 on expran ti poor 540. Even after I paid £56 they still not took default off of my credit history and now is still very affecting my credit score for another 6 months. My question is who is responsible for this mess and damage to peoples credit reputation for not reason? They took my money for their poor service and horrible customer service and left me with damaged credit history which now probably take me 2-3 years to recover from. I was begging them for cancellation! I hope CEO is reading this and take responsibility as he’s getting his luxury life paid from people like me. And yes I still got all the evidence. When you wanted the money it was not problem to trying to contacting me several times a day but when I was looking for cancellation I had to spend hours chasing your staff and still took me a week to get there. I was always nice and polite but they even hung up when I said I wish to cancel! Then you tried to overcharge me for nothing. If I have to choose Virgin again I would never do it, even if you pay me! 
So please need someone to remove default from my credit history. If you can contact me pls I believe you’re very good at this if you need to.!
And yes I tried to contact you. 



[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

First off, forget your so-called credit score - it is largely meaningless, just a marketing exercise from particular credit agencies. Credit scoring is a concept strictly internal to all lenders.

What matters are the entries on your credit file, if you believe any of those are incorrect, then start collecting documentary evidence of that. Collate it and send to who should investigate on a 21day basis. Any entries deemed invalid should be removed.

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