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Can't change direct debit 'oops' message

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How can I change my VM direct debit details given that the relevant tab in my online account gives me an 'oops' message and that calling VM results in me being told by VM that changing my DD is really easy and that I am sent a link that takes me to the same page? 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi vcustomer77 

if  you are using the MVM app then try a browser, and if using a browser try using the MVM app.

Also if using a browser, have you tried using a different browser, or an incognito tab./window?

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey vcustomer77,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your direct date amendment. 

Have you been able to do that with the advice from newapollo or do you still need further assistance?

Kind Regards,


nope. Maybe if it was possible to speak to someone at VM about this perhaps? 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for coming back to me us @vcustomer77, have you attempted to follow the advice offered by @newapollo, in terms of how this can be combatted when working with a browser version of the self-care account?



If someone from VM can call me - or if someone from VM can give me a VM number that will allow me to speak to a person this will be sorted in far less time than you or I am wasting doing this. If not, there's a fairly decent chance that the direct debit wont go through. thanks

Thanks for coming back to us @vcustomer77 

Please call our team on 0345 454 1111 or 150 from your Virgin Media landline phone and our team will be happy to help, provided that you can pass security and the bank account holder is free to verbally offer their permission for the card to be used.



But... Unless I have missed something in my 6 or 7th recent phone call to VM to try to do this, the option that is nearest to 'our team will be happy to help' is, in fact available through options 1,1,4 is something along the lines of  'you can now manage your payment including your direct debits online. It's really easy Please select which mobile number you'd like us to send a link to' ...'Goodbye'.  This doesn't work for me. As I said, I'd quite like to speak to a VM person to ensure that my DD is set up. 

Thank you for the reply @vcustomer77 on the VM forums. 👋🏼

Unfortunately we can't set this up via the forums due to security.
However, we can get you in and then get a call back arranged to get this direct debit set up which I think will be easier for you.

I will send a private message to get things started. ✉

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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