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Broadband upgrade not working

Joining in

Hi there,

I recently upgraded my account online from Volt M500 broadband to Gig1. This was on 20/11/2023. I received no emails after my initial pre contract documents and order confirmation and still have not. I contacted support who said the order was never made and then they said it was made it just needs to a few working days to process which I gave it and still nothing extra. I had an engineer come to my house for an unrelated issue who confirmed there is no equipment due to arrive. Tonight I placed a new order for the same thing and am waiting to see what happens.

Any help much appreciated, Thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello LesleyLunn


We're sorry to hear of the package issues experienced and the problems getting this processed, we appreciate the eagerness to get some help with this and you posting via the forums, welcome to the community.


Although we aren't able to make changes to packages or arrange cancellations via the forums we are happy to look into this further and offer some advice. When an order/change is placed/arranged we will always send you an email with the details outline all of the changes to the package and cost. This is usually received within 24 hours (usually much quicker) of the order being placed, if you haven't received this after 3 days we would recommend contacting the team.


If you can give the team a call on 150 from a Virgin Media landline or 0345 454 1111 option 1, option 4 then option 4 this will get you through to the contracts team who will be able to look into this further for you. 



Hi Rob, I received the email confirming my upgrade and one with the pre contract agreements but since Monday nothing after that.

Did the email advise of when this would be applied LesleyLunn? If not and you were advised this would be applied straight away you will need to speak to the contracts team on the number provided.



Hi Rob, on the email it said the activation date would be 7-10 working days but I’ve received no email confirming dispatch of new equipment or anything

This would be sent a couple of days before the date of delivery, given the date given and timescales it is possible this is still in the process of being arranged. If you haven't received these nearer that date let us know and we can investigate further.



Alright, last night I placed another order as I had been told by the Virgin WhatsApp chat to do so. Will this have an effect on it?

Same thing happened to me. I ordered an upgrade to Volt Gig1 on 20th November after receiving the contract documents. Within a couple of minutes I got the confirmation email you described which said the estimated activation date was in 7 - 10 working days, but nothing since then. There's also nothing showing in the orders page on my account. Should I contact someone now or wait till the end of next week if I've not heard anything?

I’m thinking I will wait a few days until maybe Thursday next week and see if anything appears. If not I’ll contact.

Seems to be a common problem and nobody knows what is going on ! If you call , good chance they will say they cannot find the order , I am not the only one reporting that problem.