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Bill rise more than 5% so thinking of cancelling

Fibre optic

So VM have upped the bills more than 5% so as the government state you can leave without penalty

VM any chance you can do something with my bill, else I'll have to put wheels in motion to leave?


Up to speed

As I understand it this depends on your contract. If you have updated recently you will have agreed to a yearly increase within that contract. Today The Office for National Statistics (ONS) confirmed RPI at 4.9%. Virgin Media O2 also adds 3.9% to the figure (Total 8.8%)!!  If you now want to leave early they can bill you for the remainder of the contract.  If you haven't signed a recent contract, you won't face a price increase until the contract expires  when you will be free to leave without penalty providing you give 30 days' notice. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The previous reply is basically correct. I can't recall the exact cutoff date immediately to hand, but any "recent" contracts include provision for this mid-contract rise and specifically remove the right for early termination. Thus any cancellation request by yourself will be subject to full early-disconnection-fees.

Depending when you last re-contracted, you may have the option to disconnect early - but these clauses were certainly in-play for the last annual price rise in 2023.

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