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Bill credit not received

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when I signed up to my package in Feb I did it via USwitch, it said I would receive a £130 bill credit on my first bill from Virgin Media.

however, I have not received this. I called Virgin up and after a lengthy conversation they told me USwitch must issue this. USwitch have now told me that this is part of the contract on Virgins side and they must issue it.

It does say on my contract sign up email from Virgin Media I would receive it:



Broadband + Phone

M125 Fibre Broadband & Weekend chatter


£130 bill credit”


so I am now stuck not getting anywhere.

please can you help me with this.


Joining in

Please can I get a reply from a moderator?

Hello 1650J.

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community.

Sorry you have been given the run around from both ourselves and U Switch.

Virgin Media cannot help with 3rd party vouchers or cashback offers, you would need to contact the 3rd party vendor directly"
Although we cannot help directly from here

Typically 3rd party websites would deliver vouchers or cashback 90-120 days after installation.

You would need your online sales reference number starting with ‘CH’ in order to track their order with U switch.

We do genuinely want to be able to help, however somethings are beyond our support scope on our community.



On our wavelength

Do you have the "Your Virgin Media order" email from VM, that shows a summary of the order from their side, including the discount. MSE have a similar arrangement where its a discount on the VM side order, not by third party cashback? Also, the other clue is what your estimated first bill was showing, in the email "Your Virgin Media Contract", that would have calculated the charge for the first 2 months fees, less the "credit".

Edit: Does your "eContract.pdf" document show the credit under "Other items & charges"

Good luck, hopefully the forum team can resolve this if you have these VM emails.


Thanks for your reply, yes I have the VM email order summary with the credit listed in. Nothing was taken off from the first month billing, or displayed on it.

Hi Gareth, this was not a third party offer. The bill credit was displayed in my email from Virgin Media in the order summary. Please can you look into this further, I can supply a copy of the email from Virgin Media.

Thanks for coming back to us @1650J.

I'd be happy to take a closer look into this for you, to see if there's anything we can do from our side to generate the itemised credit.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me