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Asking for return of equipment I don’t have

Joining in

I recently left VM. I had the v3 router, which was replaced by the v4. I sent the old one back. I had 2 TV boxes but only ever used one. After a few years, the first tv box had HDD issues. An engineer came out, swapped the unused box and took the faulty one away. I’m now being asked to return 2 routers and 2 tv boxes. One of the twitter team told me these items had been removed when I queried last week.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello dmdrabble


Thanks for posting in regards to the return of equipment, we can see you have posted in another thread which we have responded to. We don't have many rules but we'd appreciate members not posting in multiple threads with the same query, this doesn't facilitate a quicker response and can lead to delays and confusion with information being across the threads.

We will arrange for this thread to be closed but feel free to reply in the other thread which we will keep open to assist 😊