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Another Non Virgin Customer trying to complain about damage to property

Joining in

There seems to be a string of these so Im adding my own to find out who and how I get in touch with Virginb to make a complaint about the shoddy work done outside my property and the damage done to both my neighbours and my drive and wall.

Not only was there no indication of this work going ahead, the mess made and bodged tarmac that has replaced good solid paving is a total disgrace. I have tried to ring virgin to be met with silence (or hanging up) when trying to get some sort of explanation as to why it has been left in such a state and unfinished (holes just filled with sharp sand.

Personally I was looking forward to having access to a faster connection once my contract expires. But if this work is anything to go by Virgib won't be getting a penny from me and I am now looking to seek legal action if this is not resolved


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi kentishlad,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Sincere apologies for any problems faced with an external installation, are you able to provide any images of the work completed at all?



Hi Kane

I can do. 



 I can take additional photos of cracks in my wall if required but why remove good paving slabs? You can see one area just filled with sand. I’ve also noted today a crack in my from window near to where work was taking place. 
I live in a Victorian house with single glazed sash and I assume the vibrations of the work so close to my property has caused this

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for providing those details there,

Was any work completed on your property during this too?

Also was the number that you contacted for this 0333 000 5925?

Let us know,


I don’t think that’s the number I rang. 
Also I have not requested virgin at my house. This is works that I believe is going on to extend the network

Thanks for coming back to us kentishlad, would you be able to try calling the number that Kain supplied earlier to have this looked into further?

Kind Regards,


I tried ringing and got cut off... My wife has this morning fallen over exactly where this is.. I am considering legal action as not a single person has been to inspect this shocking workmanship (if you can call it that)


Joining in

One other thing... Im constantly met with 'we are experiencing technical difficulties with your call' F****in disgrace... Im more annoyed that my wife has had a fall this morning and nobody gives a shot to do anything about this

Joining in

Also.. my neighbour and I have tried ringing the Health and Safety Director at Cable Giant... the cowboys you hired to dig up the road... This was supposedly passed on to their directors... nothing.... ultimately Virgin are reposnsible for this and has resulted in my wife being hurt... 

Hi Kentishlad 👋 thank you for returning to this thread with further updates. 

So sorry to hear you are still seeking support with this! 

It looks like we have already sent you a PM offering support with this same case from another thread 👉 Re: Digging up edge of my driveway - Virgin Media Community - 5412797

If you can please respond to this PM my colleague can take the details we need, and offer further support. (Raising a complaint if needed.)
We appreciate your patience in the meantime! 
Wishing you all the best. 🌞