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All service's Disconnected within 12 hours

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Yesterday I called to see if I could get a better deal but got nowhere so decided to cancel.  I was told 30 days notice and that services would be disconnected on the 14th Feb.  Woke this morning to find no broadband, TV or landline service.  


I've called and VM have admitted their error but say it can take 48 hours to reconnect.  I work from home so going to prove very difficult for me.


I find it both unfair and unacceptable that it can't be expedited given it's sole the fault of Virgin Media.


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Timeline update:-

Wednesday lunchtime called VM as I had no callback within the 3 hours I was promised.  Was put through to retentions.  Was told my services would be back up in 2 hours

Wednesday 3 hours later:- Still no services.  Rang up Virgin Media, eventually got through to retentions again, tried resetting router etc, no luck.  Back to CS, was told the reconnection had been cancelled for so reason. They will send through again properly but it will take up to 48 hours. Asked to speak to a manager and said i would hold all night till I got through to one.  Eventually put me through.  Explained I was concerned that I will on the phone in 48 hours going through this same thing again.  They assured me my service's will be back by then.

Thursday morning I received an email with details about how to send the kit back!  Called VM to clarify.  Apologies it's an automated email that shouldn't have been sent and your reconnection is still in progress.

Given the number of posts with this same issue on the net, you would think VM would've got to the bottom of it by now? Or at least have a more streamlined method of resolving it for customers. 

I haven't been able to work for nearly 3 days (tethering is too slow), I have had no TV or landline either and I've spent almost 5 hours on calls to VM.

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Forum Team

Hi @kalpeshv 

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Sorry to hear that your services have been disconnected earlier than arranged and that the reconnection/reactivation process has not gone as smoothly as we would have liked.


We appreciate the frustration and inconvenience that this has caused you. We are unable to expedite a reconnection request unfortunately, but please do keep us updated if your reconnection has not happened in the 48 hours last advised and we can investigate this further for you via the forums if you prefer.

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Nothing working yet so called but was told it was put through at 7pm on Wednesday and that I should wait till 7pm today.

I'll update in an hour.

Hi kalpeshv, 

Thanks for keeping us updated. 

If you're still having an issue, pop back to us and we can then grab some details off you to check on the latest update. 

Many thanks, 

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Thank you, I didn't get any services reconnected on Friday night.

I have internet, TV again today but had to sign up as a new customer so lose all my promotion/discounts built up over 15 years E.g 500mb instead of 1gb.

From what Ive been told when a disconnection goes through the VM kit is sent codes to render them defunct until they are returned and recycled.  If that is the case then why aren't CS and Retention staff aware.  If this isn't the case why then have VM failed with several attempts to reconnect my services.

VM made an error, admitted it apologised but still put a longstanding customer through this kind of fiasco.  It's been distressing.

What is the best way to make a formal complaint please.

Many Thanks



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The complaints process is detailed at but you will just get a reply in terrible English from the offshore team, so don't expect much. It does at least open up the potential to take the matter to the Ombudsman after 8 weeks.

It's interesting to see the large number of reports of similar situations recently, where a customer has given their 30 days notice and then is disconnected within 24 hours. Are VM doing it deliberately in the hope that customers come crawling back? 

Thank You.  I'll be writing up a timeline of events to send to them and then to Offcom if necessary.


This morning they emailed info about sending the old kit back and noticed they had my name slightly wrong.

Called to get it corrected just now and while I was on checked that the engineer had put the request to port my landline number.

The request was made however it was cancelled this morning! I asked why and he said due to some restriction.  He has requested again and said he has removed the restriction, it can take up to 14 days to port.

If I hadn't called till the 7 days were for the port up this again most likely would've gone down a black hole.

I have asked to be notified if it gets cancelled again.

Seriously what is going on there?


I have also lost access to my ntlworld email addresses and emails.