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Account offers returning error

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Hello everyone, basically I've been having emails with offers to renew my contract for about three months, whenever I click said offer It always returns a "oops something went wrong" If I try It via my account and click offers, same thing "oops something went wrong", If I log into my account and try the "upgrade" packages, same thing - It's been this way for months and does It no matter the browser I use. It's obviously Virgin media's end. I've just spent the past 16 months of my 18 month contract getting 30mb/s Instead of the 350/mbs I've been paying for, finally fixed after a year and a half and many different technician callouts, now my contract is up I can't even renew, anyone know how to remedey this? Thanks - please don't take this as a rant It's not meant that way I'm just being 100% honest.  

Not even sure If this Is in the right board but I cannot find a relevant board It seems so forgive me If I'm being dense.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Punished_Chris,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 😊

We're sorry you've had trouble accessing your existing customer offers online. 

Package changes aren't something we do via this forum, but if you Call: 150 (free of charge) from a Virgin Media landline or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone, or via WhatsApp: +44 7305 327 112.

The team will be happy to take a closer look at this for you.


No they won't.

This is what happens every year it would seem from looking at other forum posts and here is my experience from this morning. It appears to me like VM are making it very difficult for existing customers to plan / understand what deals are available to them – forcing them to call and not allowing them to make make clear and informed decisions about whether or not it makes sense to re contract.

Here is a screenshot of the "re contract" email (received April 2024) – encouraging me to find out what "exclusive offers" are available to me as an existing customer:

re contract emailre contract email

Here is the error page when clicking any of the recontract now buttons :

error pageerror page

I've also tried logging into my account and stepping through the wizard, encouraging me to login to My virgin media -  which I did ...


After logging in I was redirected here and clicked the "See my offers" button (for clarity, again, I was logged in): 

see your offerssee your offers

I was then redirected to the same error page above.

I was forced to call ... and as an existing customer still in contract, was offered only ONE DEAL. That deal was the same package (but with TNT sports removed). It was double the cost of my existing deal. I said I was not willing to take that deal and was told there was nothing else I could do other than to cancel and pay an early cancellation fee, or to "call again in May to find out what offers were available then when there may be better deals" (as opposed to new customers who can browse the website and make an informed, fair decision).

I asked if I could downgrade my or package and was told that was not possible at this time. I then tried to change my own package from my virgin media account - and reached the same error page again, as above. 

Basically, as an existing customer - I have no way of downgrading, or viewing offers available to me when my contract comes to an end. But, as an existing customer - I can clearly see and plan ahead. 

This is terrible customer service and gives existing customers nowhere to go other than to leave Virgin Media and seek an alternative service. The fact similar threads exist from 2022 regarding the recontract / exclusive existing customer offers error pages – makes it pretty clear that no effort is being made to make this easy for existing customers or, what's more likely, is this is a deliberate attempt to make lives difficult for existing customers, forcing them to just accept a new contract at double the price when they come close to their services being shut down.

Hi @dbuchan 

Thank you for flagging this to us. We can understand your frustration and want to best help. We can see you are already in contact with a member of our team regarding this. Please remain in contact with them and they will do their best to resolve this for you.


Forum Team

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