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flashing red phone icon

Joining in

The red phone icon on the hub has suddenly started flashing. I get a dialing tone but when i dial the number i get a constant tone. I've tried unplugging/ switching off and on. The hub nor phone has been touched or moved


We too have the same issue (in SS2 area). My Mother is at a separate address (Same area and issue) and because of her age and being on Fibre has a backup Virgin phone which is also affected.

Is the resolution time the same for us?


Thanks for reaching out to us on our Community Forums @SwanJ, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing the same issue as the original poster.

Have you checked our Service Status Checker or called our Service Status Line on 0800 561 0061 for confirmation on any outages we may be experiencing in both your area and your Mother's postcode?



Exactly the same "There are no known phone issues" reported on Service Status.

No I haven't report to the phone number as I thought posting here would save time as I am busy at the moment!

Thanks for coming back to me @SwanJ.

As per the advice from my colleague, the team are looking into this fault that some customers may be currently experiencing, with updates and of course the solution to this issue will be provided as soon as possible.



It is completely unacceptable that hours after the fault has been acknowledged the service status checker still says "no known faults" when you know this issue is affecting multiple users. Either stop calling it a "service status checker" or put a very clear explanation on that page as to why it will not necessarily show a problem with a service. I also note that there now isn't an estimated fix time on the fault line number. There was earlier on, but it came and went with no resolution. I really don't have any confidence in anything VM tells me!

Again, we understand the frustration and any updates will be provided as soon as they become available nigelss.