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Turning OFF Landline Voicemail?

Joining in

I have looked into my account into every aspect but just can NOT find how to turn OFF my landline voicemail.  It directed me to a page and said 1760  from a mobile to turn OFF. BUT that does NOT work.  I have looked and looked all over my account. How can something this simple be so hard to find out?  Really annoying on the part of Virgin!  I have fallen out with a member of family, and they keep leaving annoying messages on my Landline. JUST TURN IT OFF VIRGIN! 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Lionhart127,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

It's a shame to hear that you're having some trouble with the landline voicemail. Do you mind clarifying why it is that you're looking to remove it? It's provided free of charge. Are you having any issues with it at all?


Zach - Forum Team
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