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No Engaged tone on home phone

Tuning in

Why can’t Virgin provide an engaged tone after move to voip? Service is not comparable to what it was before on dedicated landline (also loose phone when broadband goes down)  yet they charge the same?

why is there a charge for a phone line now it’s on voip - it should be free!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey bj1878,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your landline, there should be an engaged tone the same as the line previously had from us. Despite adjustments we've made to the landline setup on your property, the underlying infrastructure and services that were previously necessary are still relevant and in use, which is why a line rental fee continues to apply.

Kind Regards,


I know there should be an engaged tone as there was before (Alexander Graham Bell sorted that one!).
Fact is after switching to voip there isn’t an engaged tone (as verified by a technician visit). If I have call waiting on, the new caller should get an engaged tone when line is in use, but all they get is continuous ringing like no one is in or going to answer. This caused me major problems as my daughter new we were in and thought something was wrong (I’m partially disabled), so quickly came round only to find we had been on the phone and were safely watching TV (panic over).

With call waiting turned off, all the 2nd caller gets is a dead line (no tone no ringing). Again my daughter thought our line was faulty and came round.

Not good - this needs rectifying Urgently as it’s a basis requirement that used to be on the line. Causing major problems in family not knowing if I am ok or not!. This is a change to my service! I used to have the engaged tone facility but now I don’t! This system should not have been rolled out until proven. It is not equivalent to what was there before but is a poorer service with limitations - needs sorting URGENTLY!


Thanks for coming back to us bj1878 and I know how an engaged tone works. I will be sure to pass on your feedback to the concerned teams about the absence of an engaged tone. 

I can assist with getting call waiting added to your line as thats what the technician recommended but to do that firstly I would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,


If I have call waiting on, the first new caller will hear a ringing tone
The second new caller will hear an engaged tone.

To have an engaged tone for all new callers, set Call Waiting OFF and Voice Mail OFF

We prefer Call Waiting OFF and Voice Mail ON - this reduces missed important calls and Voice mail takes over during any outage.

doesn’t work like that now transfered to voip.

with call waiting off, the 2nd caller just hears a dead line. With call waiting on they hear phone line ringing but not being answered (although I can hear a beep to say a call is waiting)


"with call waiting off, the 2nd caller just hears a dead line"

The additional callers should not be faced with silence, that is a fault for VM to investigate.
Every caller should have Call progress tones, Voice mail prompts or an Information message.

Totally agree with you.
VM say it is a limitation and not a fault and they are not looking into it! Struggling to progress anymore. Others local to me have exactly same issue. VM are not interested!
I can only wait till my contract is up and move elsewhere - the customer service is as joke. One person tells me I won’t get charged for calls to them over 1hr (very often on hold for 30 mins or more then on call for more than 40 mins), then someone else tells me all calls over 1hr (including calls to them on 150) are chargeable. Confusing. They all contradict one another.


Try a Skype or Whatapp call if you need to yammer on for hours.
For family a video call is such a big step forward from the old dog & bone.

Yes we do WhatsApp a lot, but it’s calls to VM via 150 on landline that are the problem. They seldom answer in less than 30 mins then you have to keep an eye on the next 30 mins. If they did WhatsApp etc it would be different. Thanks for suggestions etc.