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New Fibre Phone Adaptor and replacement hub

Joining in

My service is being switched to fibre phone - in just 2 weeks’ time.  I want to order a replacement hub and the fibre phone adapter, but can't get through to a human on 150 as long call waits - also not obvious what options to select as there is no mention in the options.  Can’t get the chatbot to open - too busy I guess.  Can’t find anyway to do it through my online account.   There is no info on the website other than to phone 150.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get the order in place before my home phone gets cut off?


Alessandro Volta

You shouldn't need to do any ordering. The adapters are sent out by post. If your Hub is an old one that is not compatible with the new phone service, the replacement will very likely be sent by the usual Yodel carrier. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Thanks @jpeg1, fingers crossed they are automatically sent out.  However the emails being sent are quite clear you need to make the arrangements. I quote:

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I don’t arrange to get a new Hub?

After 18 March you will only be able to receive inbound calls and dial 999. If you try to make an outbound call it will be diverted to our contact centre to arrange for the new Hub to be delivered. Any connected devices will no longer work. It’s really important that you arrange to get a new Hub to avoid disruption.


also the same thing is on the website information.

Hi Kburr, 

Thanks for posting this question about your landline migration that's happening soon, I can understand you want a little more information about the adaptor and your Hub. 

I can see Jpeg has already given you some helpful info about this, I have some further information here for you if you want to know more about the adaptor 👉 Landline Adaptor.

As for your Hub, I can see you've quoted some info from the email you received, which hints at you having quite an old Hub model that may be incompatible with our newer technology.

Could you tell us what Hub you've got please?



Hi Megan_L

my hub is a Virgin Media Super Hub (VMDG480), which is very old and doesn't have a socket to plug the adaptor into.

Thanks Kburr, 

That would explain it then lol I'll send over a PM now so we can get a newer Hub sorted for you. 

Speak to you soon!



Joining in

I have received a fibre phone adapter and instructions to plug it in on the 6th November after 9am a while ago.  I received a text message this morning saying remember to plug your adapter in tomorrow 6th Nov after 9am.  Problem is - tomorrow is the 4th November. I've rung VM and not know what option to pick (as you say - none of the options fit), I just want to speak to a human. I picked phone fault and it wanted to arrange an engineer visit (with the usual threats that if you aren't in then you will be charged) so I hung up and picked broadband. It ran some checks and said all is OK (yes - I know it is) and hung up.  I rung back and eventually got through to someone.  I explained the issues and the person said no it's the 6th you need to plug it in.  All this hassle because VM are rubbish and send out incorrect text messages.

Hi Michaelhoughton

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community.

We are very sorry for any confusion and/or inconvenience that may have been caused by the further text message received.

If you do have any further questions or concerns regarding the switch over, please pop back to us here and we will do all we can to help. 


Vikki - Forum Team

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Assuming you have a suitable hub with a phone socket ...

Whether the switchover is the 4th or the 6th, leave the phone plugged into in the wall socket. When the wall socket stops working try the connection via the hub. You may want to reboot the hub before connecting the phone.

Some have reported on here a full 24 hours before the switchover has fully completed with a partial service in between (e.g. things like calls out but not in until the switchover completes).

In some cases the switchover has become 'stuck' and incomplete requiring a tech visit. If that happens you can always post back on here.