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Landline isn't working

Joining in

I'm in Poole, Dorset, postcode starting BH16 5.  My landline (plugged into a traditional standalone phone socket, not a Virgin hub) isn't working, and hasn't been since yesterday morning, 26th May 2024.  It isn't a fault with my handset, it's a Virgin network fault.  There was a similar fault on 25th May 2024 for a few hours, but the service then returned.  The Virgin Service Status checker does not identify a Phone fault.  I cannot phone customer services as I have no other phone I can use.  Please can someone confirm this network fault and confirm that Virgin are dealing with it?

Thank you



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Pat85, thank you for your post.

We're sorry to hear about the problem you're having 😔

In order to look into this for you, we'll send you a private message on here. Look out for the envelope in the top right-hand corner.

If you're on a portable device with a smaller screen, click on the icon in the top right-hand corner and select "messages" from the additional menu options.