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Landline Number Porting

Joining in

 Hi, My phone number was suppose to be ported over within 48 hours from installation date (18/04/24). I have already missed two important calls. Is there anyway to get an update on this.


Just joined

hi my phone number was supposed to have been ported on the 10.4.24 and I am still waiting


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Zaragon.

Thanks for your post.

Sorry to hear about your number not being ported over within 48 hours.

When we install our services and a customer requests for the other providers number to be ported over, We do need to allow a minimum of 10 days for this to happen.

As you were installed on the 18 April. It would be best to wait until the 28 April. Also might be best to allow a few extra days for the weekend.

If you are still on the temporary number by the 30 April, Please pop back on here and we can take a look into this for you.

Sorry if you were misinformed about the time scale.