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Keeping my old landline number

Joining in


Same address but opened a new account under a new name since the previous account holder moved away.

We were assured multiple times that we could keep the old landline number. However, when installed, the landline number changed so I called to ask for it to be reverted- they said it was possible and filled out a reservation form.

Didn't hear back from them for 3 weeks so I called again and was told the agent filled out the wrong form and it had been rejected a while ago- then why no contact?! They said it needed to be ported instead. After all this, since the installation was over a month ago, they cannot do anything.

Highly frustrating since it is a clear fault from Virgin Media's end.

I had initially called to resolve the issue a week after installation and Virgin Media dragged the problem out for over a month only to say they cannot resolve the issue? 

They offered compensation of a free month but I just want my old landline back.

I noticed a few other posts asking for this issue to be resolved e.g:

I am posting here in the hopes something can be done otherwise I will need to make yet another complaint and take it up with independent adjudication.



Alessandro Volta

Which telecoms provider owns the number that you want to get back? You can check it here

If it is a VM-owned number there is more chance VM should be able to help and re-number your line.

If the number is owned by another provider, it will have gone back to that provider and you are less likely (unlikely) to get it back.

(Don't post any of your numbers on the public forum if replying)

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi AP21

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

We're very sorry to hear that there's been an issue with your number port after switching over to us. We won't be able to promise that we can get the number back, especially if your landline is no longer active with your previous provider but I'll do my best to see what we can do.

I've dropped you a private message so I can take your details.


Alessandro Volta

My understanding has been that a number moving between providers is being 'ported'.

If the customer wants a new number, it is a 'renumber' (as per when people request that to get rid of unwanted nuisance calls etc.). VM can renumber a line with a VM-owned new number but usually that is some random number to come out of the VM pool.

In this case the issue seems to be renumbering with a particular VM number (if indeed VM owns the desired number in question at all). If another provider owns the number I would assume it is gone after this length of time.

Outcomes will doubtless be determined by a spin of the VM wheel of (mis)fortune depending on who the query gets referred to, day of the week, phase of the moon etc. etc. etc.