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Incoming calls don't ring the landline, caller goes immediately to Voicemail, outgoing calls ok

Tuning in

Hi,  I have just had my number ported over from previous supplier. On testing the service I find:

Incoming calls do not ring the landline telephone and the caller gets put immediately through to Voice Mail, I can make outgoing calls from the land line as I get a dial tone. If I dial 1571 or 1572 I do enter the menu system making me believe the hardware is all ok!

Landline telephone is plugged into top port 1 using the adapter provided on the HUB 3.0.

I have turned the hub off then back on which has made no difference. I dont believe a reset will help and am reluctant to do that as ive invested a lot of time setting things up.

I would like the voicemail feature disabled please, I read on this forum that VM need to do this for me.

Also I am still waiting for a DOCSIS unit to arrive that I was promised when taking out this contract with VM.

Look forward to your reply




Thank you for getting back to me via private message. I'm glad that we were able to address and resolve your concerns.

Please do let us know if there's anything more that we can help you with.



Zach - Forum Team
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Joining in

I am amazed that VM have not yet  dealt with the "non-ringing" phone problem yet. 

I experienced this at the end of January, when my phone was eventually switched from BT.  Sadly, VM failed to synchronize this with installation of Hub, so the engineer not able to test on installation day. Two weeks later, when I was eventually switched, I discovered that incoming calls were not ringing my main phone, a BT Converse 2100.  A call to VM resulted in my being told that they had run tests and had found no faults on their system, so it must be my phone which, of course, was working perfectly well the previous day.

I conducted a quick search on the internet and found several helpful recommendations, including on the VM Community, that I should try and connect phone to VM Hub via an adapter which contained a "ring capacitor".  I ordered one, installed it the following day, and non-ringing problem immediately fixed!

Raised a complaint with VM, telling them that the ring capacitor solution not only worked but should have been suggested by their Team. when I originally called, rather than being fobbed off with the "it must be your phone" excuse!  Surprisingly, this complaint was closed within 24 hours with nobody contacting me as should have happened according to the VM “Consumer Complaints Code of Practice”. Despite several subsequent calls to VM, and a letter to the Complaints Team, all requesting a call from a manager from the Complaints Team, nobody called.  Finally, as a result of a further complaint lodged last week, a member of the Complaints Team called me yesterday.

He said that he was surprised that the adapter provided with the Hub, did not appear to have a ring capacitor. Assured me that he would recommend that this solution was circulated throughout the Customer Service Team.  I will not hold my breath!